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new Godfather releases for December!!

Godfather is set to release The Rolling Stones Where’s Bobby K? (GR 816/817).  This 2CD set documents the April 11th, 2006 Sydney show from an audience recording.  It also includes a booklet and miniature poster. 

Frank Zappa Hitherto Unknown (GR 818/819) is a 2CD title containing a hitherto unknown soundboard recording of the October 13th, 1978 early show in Passaic, New Jersey. 

Godfather’s first Who title is The Dutch Seduction (GR 820/821), a 2CD title with the definitive pre-FM recording of the September 29th, 1969 show at the Concertbegouw in Amsterdam.  

 Free Songs Of Yesterday (GR 822) is a one disc title with the December 12th, 1970 show in Stockholm, Sweden (released fifteen years ago by Midas Touch) coupled with the extremely rare July 24th, 1969 show at the Tea Party in Boston.  Both are sourced from soundboard tapes.  

Pink Floyd Another Lapse In Japan (GR 823/824) is a 2CD audience recording from Budokan, Tokyo on March 2nd, 1988. 

Neil Young Wherever The Party Goes (GR 825/826) contains the soundboard recording from Austin City Limits in Texas on October 13th, 2012.  Also included are bonus cuts from Pittsburgh and  Chicago, 2012.

The Cure Fuck Rock ‘N” Roll (GR 827) contains a soundboard recording from the Werchter Festival in Belgium on July 5th, 1981 on 1CD.

And finally, Kiss Buenos Aires Freak Show (GR 828/829) is a 2CD title with the soundboard from November 7th, 2012 in Argentina.  Included is a lengthy interview on disc two.  

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  1. The new Free cd on Godfather-Songs Of Yesterday is superb!!!!!
    Free has so few silver or otherwise cds for the collector this is a most welcome piece!! Paul Kossoff’s guitar playing is quite dynamic on this cd from stockholm 12-12-1970 and the Boston Tea Party from 7-24-1969. Wonderful sound as well as 2 dynamite performances.

  2. Looking forward to The Cure release.The cover shot is correctly taken from the Werchter Festival in 1981, there’s plenty of footage, from this show, available on youtube to back it up. I remember reading that RP’s road crew attempted to dismantle The Cure’s equipment while they were still playing in their efforts to get them off the stage!
    I’m also interested to know if the new Who release is an upgrade on Rockmasters ‘Unbelievable Fantastic Tommy Live 1969’ release from 2006?

  3. We will discuss the Who release when it arrives here at the CMR offices.

  4. Does anybody know how this WHO release stacks up in sound quality to Hiwatt’s Amazing Journey 2cd set from a decade ago? Thanks.

  5. Nice to see The Cure release. The cover shot of Robert Smith actually comes from The Top tour in 1984. The title refers to bass player Simon Gallup’s on-stage comments, as the band were told to wrap up their set so that Robert Palmer could take the stage. Would really love to see a Godfather release of The Cure from the Kissing Tour (Santa Barbara has perfect sound) or a soundboard from the Prayer Tour.

  6. Reviews of the GF and Tarantura KISS titles are coming !

  7. Oh and KISS Buenos Aires is the FULL show, pre-FM source! No DJ chatter, no crappy commercials or cut songs. Full set on TWO discs. As a bonus there’s a interview but it ain’t really lengthy, only cut over a few tracks! The best bonus though is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, the Itunes ONLY bonustracks vinyl on a REAL CD! Sorry to see that you didn’t do any reviews on the KISS Behind Closed Doors release and the amazing MKV box set! Hope you do ’em as I truely enjoy your thoughtfull reviews!

  8. Yeah it is the best version of the Oakland show circulating, period! Believe there is a review of it here on CMR.

  9. Just got an offer for this new GF release

    01. Introduction
    02. Jumping Jack Flash
    03. Carol
    04. Sympathy for the Devil
    05. Stray Cat Blues
    06. Prodigal Son
    07. You Gotta Move
    08. Love in Vain
    09. I’m Free
    10. Under My Thumb
    11. Midnight Rambler
    12. Live with Me
    13. Gimme Shelter
    14. Little Queenie
    15. Satisfaction
    16. Honky Tonk Women
    17. Street Fighting Man

    Anybody know anything about it?

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