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New Godfather releases for June


Kiss – All Shook Up In San Francisco (G.R.873) is a single disc soundboard from Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA on August 16, 1977.


U2 – New Voices Of Freedom (G.R.874/875) is a 2CD soundboard from Madison Square Garden in New York on September 28th, 1987. This set includes a 4 page booklet and is the complete show on CD for the first time.


Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Down Under 2013 (G.R.876/877/878) is a 3CD set from Melbourne, Australia on March 24th, 2013. This show features Tom Morello on guitar. The third disc is filled out with bonus tracks from the March 27th, 2013 show in Melbourne.


Pink Floyd – Another Movie In Long Island (G.R.879/880) is a 2CD soundboard from Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York on August 20th, 1988. This is labeled Restored Definitive Version: No cuts, gaps, or diginoises.

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  1. My first concert was Kiss at MSG 12/15/77 when I was 12. Ruined forever.

  2. @ kads, thanks for your comments and insights and correction to my demands for the KISS MSG ’77 show. I revisited Gooch & Suhs Complete Touring History and yes there it is, MSG ’77 archive was video only. Any idea what date the RARO tour release might be?

  3. @ kads, thanks for your comments and for the clarification around the KISS

  4. Can’t wait for the U2 MSG 87. The Joshua Tree SB’s keep popping up and this is one of the best shows of the tour and well documented on Rattle And hum! To have the full show finally is like a dream come true!

  5. Oh but there IS an ALL NEW, never released SB from the Rock And Roll Over Tour circulating among again that selected group of collectors and it APPEARS it will be released on silver CD this year. Not sure whether it’s on Godfather though!

  6. There is no MSG 77 SB just the video line feed which is senseless to release! The Godfather tape is a MAJOR upgrade of the Bondage and 96 European release. This is an all new 1st gen tape circulating amongst a VERY few selected collectors who have apperently sold or given it to Godfather. It’s the complete tape with the full show including intro and outro and has Beth as a bonus. This is a version in SB NOT of the KISSOLOGY DVD as they used encores of another night for some reason on that DVD. With this CD you have all songs on the LOVE GUN tour on CD in Pitch Perfect Soundboard quality!It should be in here next week and it will be in my car CD player every day of the coming week after that i guess!

    Also love their recent 10th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Edition! What they did to the Rio FM Broadcast is absolutely stunning! Finally we are able to listen to this legendary show in the full! Oh and the main content is the best COTN show L.A. Universal Amphitheatre March 27 1983!

  7. I’m sure the Godfather KISS release will be a nice upgrade to the previously released ALIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO on the Bondage Music label. Can we please have the Madison Square Garden 18 Feb. 1977 soundboard next. Pretty please.

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