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New Godfathers coming out soon

Exposed In The Light Of Landover (GR 396/397) is the silver label debut of Pink Floyd’s June 9th, 1975 show in Maryland.

Neil Young The World Keeps Spinning Round (GR 398/399) documents the June 7th, 2009 in Rotterdam.

Led Zeppelin Texas Blues (GR 400) is a two tape source mix of the August 31st, 1969 show at the Texas International Pop Festival, one of their all time greatest gigs.

Eric Clapton The Sheriff’s Residence (GR 401/402) is an audience recording of the May 23rd, 2009 Royal Albert Hall gig. 

Godfather has three U2 titles coming out from their most recent European tour.  In The Capital Of Surrealism (GR 403/404) covers the tour opener in Barcelona on June 30th. 

The Other Side Of Silence (GR 405/406) has the July 7th show, the first in Milan.

Shout For Joy (GR 407/408) has the second Milan show the following night.

Bruce Springsteen Another Carnival By The Danube (GR 409/410/411) has the July 5th, 2009 Vienna show


On the White Flag label comes U2 Sleeping In My Home Bed Tonight (WF08/09) with the legendary Dublin radio broadcast on August 28th, 1993.


On DVD is Green Day Sons Of Rage And Love (AS 175) with various recent telecasts.

Bruce Springsteen Working On A Field (AS 176) contains the Glastonbury Festival telecast. 

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  1. Oh, sorry, Eric99 – I made an error, which is not unusual for me. I had forgotten that my DSotM CD-R of the show lacked only the “Echoes” disc and not the (pre-)WYWH/Animals tracks, which I’ve now just been reminded by a Floyd site that I regularly visit apparently doesn’t exist with the rest of the show at the same outstanding sound quality. So unfortunately I guess that means that it’s likely that those tracks (SOYCD, etc.) probably are from another recording of inferior sound quality. But at least DSotM & Echoes should still be superb & much-anticipated.

  2. Actually, I’m somewhat surprised that the Floyd show took so long to have its outstanding sound quality discovered by a boot label & then released on factory-pressed silver, or at least commercially. Much like “Watching the World Upon The Wall” (Earls Court 1981-06-16), also by Godfather, although in that case the non-commerical CD-R of it was apparently so poorly-circulated among Floyd fans that it even took me a few years to finally find someone who had it & was willing to snail-mail it to me via a CD-R trade.

  3. O.K., so where could the SOYCD suite suddenly come from?

  4. Eric99, well, the non-commercial CD-R version that’s been circulating among Floyd fans has actually been around for at least a few years, as I’ve had my DSotM part of it, acquired via snail-mail trading, for at least a few years – the sound quality is absolutely superb for just an audience recording.

  5. Now thats a pleasant surprise. Could this show have come from a hoarder who finally gave in?

  6. You’re possibly correct – I received great sounding new transfer of Landover last month and I am almost sure Godfather used this to produce their title.

  7. The Floyd Landover 1975-06-09 show should be of outstanding sound quality, and its performance of DSotM is probably the longest-ever known recording of “Dark Side” ever – almost approx. 64 minutes long (in fact, the only DSotM that I know of over 60:00, w/ Highland’s version of the Vienna 1973-10-13 show being just behind at approx. 59:48), w/ the track ‘Money’ being especially lengthy.

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