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New Led Zeppelin and Bruce Springsteen

Led Zeppelin Live In Charlotte 1972 is a two disc set with a low-gen for the June 9th, 1972 Charlotte North Carolina show.  

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Vintage Broadcast ’75 is a two disc set with the Bottom Line, New York broadcast from August 15th, 1975 (early show). 

Crystal Cat released their new and latest massive boxset.  Bruce Springsteen Stockholm Dream Box (CC930-938) covers the Stockholm shows from June

Led Zeppelin A Work In Progress:  15 Camera Mixed Edition is a 2DVD title covering the 2007 reunion.

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  1. Yes, there will definitely be reviews of the two Zeppelin titles above. And also of the Springsteen.

  2. Is it likely that there will be CMR reviews for the Zeppelin DVD and Charlotte CD…?

  3. and, so much for your “trustworthy” collector! If there is a $1 to be made….trust nobody but yourself!

  4. Thanks for the clarification on this title. It did cause me to shudder when writing that something by Beelzebub had merit, so I’m happy to read that the worthy release has nothing to do with him.

  5. They are ripoffs of a download that was made available by a fan just before christmas, which was a Dual Layer originally.

  6. This production might have the same name but it certainly is not Beelzebub. This is a silver pressed DVD, not a DVDR utilized by that Beelzebub psycho.

  7. Information received from a trustworthy collector who has already obtained the Zeppelin DVD, A Work in Progress, is that it’s by Beelzebub, and quite good.

  8. Do you have some comments about this new LedZep dvd ? Better than the 3rd Eye previous edition ?

  9. I wonder how this new Bruce release compares to the Godfather title GR 68/69 The Punk Meets The Godfather. While the sound on the Godfather title is not bad , I hope this new release is an upgrade in sound and they kept all the between song talk / stories like GR did. Cool cover shot.

  10. The Zeppelins and Springsteen will be no label generic releases.

  11. Any clue what label(s) the Led Zeppelin CD or DVD are going to be on?

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