New Led Zeppelin on Scorpio and Empress Valley!


With the excitement of Celebration Day, the O2 reunion gig finally being released, comes more Led Zeppelin activity in the past couple days than we’ve seen in ages.  Scorpio (the Japanese Scorpio, not the American or European label) have three new titles now available.  The Last Performance In The U.S.A. (Scorpio LZ-09034) is a 6CD title containing the July 23rd and July 24th, 1977 shows in Oakland, California.  


The Fourth Night In The Garden (Scorpio LZ-09033) is a four disc set containing the June 11th, 1977 show in Madison Square Garden.  The first three discs contain the excellent audience recording and the fourth has the soundboard fragment with “No Quarter,” “Ten Years Gone” and “The Battle Of Evermore.”


And finally The Wanton Song (Scorpio LZ-09033) is a two disc set with the Chicago show on January 20th, 1975 with a rare performance of “When The Levee Breaks.”  


 Empress Valley continue their annual soundboard revolution with Double Shot (EVSD–571 ~ 573 / 581 ~ 583).  Both are 3CDs with soundboard tapes for the May 25th and May 30th, 1977 shows in Landover, Maryland.  


 Empress Valley also have packaged the new soundboards in Maryland Moonshine (EVSD–571 ~ 583).  This is a limited (and extremely pricey) 12CD set with all four Maryland shows sourced from the soundboard.  The May 26th and May 28th shows have also been released on Eelgrass in an affordable edition.  The center of interest obviously are the two new shows which will also be pressed on Eelgrass.  For those on a budget can wait a bit for nice pressings of these new shows.   

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  1. I have the new EV title – went with the 6 disc version since the other 2 shows were already released in similar SB quality – nice shows especially the 5/30/77. Eelgrass also has re-released the shows (copies of EV)

  2. The bootleg silver CD releases have been dying a slow death for years now with the majority of new releases now on CDR’s so this is nothing new but I doubt it will die completely anytime soon as long as the few boot labels who do make silvers can still make money. They said the same thing about vinyl and it is making small comeback.

  3. So, who the heck is supplying these soundboards? Page? Jason Bonham? Sachs? Peterson? A showco employee?

    Looking forward to the day that they release a similar boxset for LA 77. Given the fact that CDs will probably be entirely/officially/forever obsolete within the next year or two, I would think that they’d probably need to get on with it and get these discs out sooner than later. Perhaps that’s why they decided to release these two Landover boards at the same time?

  4. I got the three Scorpios a couple days ago and am working on reviews. The Wanton Song is a two source mix and has been remastered. It sounds really nice.

  5. Hi…anybody knows if “The Wanton song” (Scorpio) is from the
    same source that “Finger Flu” (TCOLZ)? Is it a remastered edition?


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