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new Led Zeppelin on Tarantura, Eric Clapton on Beano and Queen on Wardour

Tarantura released Geisha, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Tarantura TCD-120).  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest Led Zeppelin shows, this is a multi-source edit presenting the complete concert.  

Eric Clapton An Exceptional Legacy (Beano-052) is a limited edition box set.  It contains the February 14th, February 18th, February 22nd and February 23rd, 1992 Royal Albert Hall shows.   

The artwork for the four shows (two shows each), and…

a miniature tour booklet, something the Lighthouse people have been doing often lately.

Finally Queen Multitracks Mixes II (Wardour-091) is a 2CD set with more isolated tracks, this time for songs like “Tenement Funster,” “Brighton Rock” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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  1. Ok, I thought already someone just liberated Mr Peach’s sources…..thanks anyway ;)

  2. No I don’t have it, I just compared the Black Dog sample that was posted online with one of the older versions in my collection.

  3. Wgpsec -> are u telling us that u have Mr Peach recording?

  4. Thanks for clearing that up. It would be great to hear the Mr. Peach Osaka tape one day…

  5. This is most definitely NOT a Mr. Peach source!

  6. A quick comparison of the Plantations before the Black Dog sample from the Mr Peach master confirms that it is actually from Osaka 9/29/71. I assume that the whole source will eventually get released…. I hope.

  7. I’m pretty sure the Zeppelin is the soundboard recording with the other sources filling the gaps. I should have a full review soon.

    Regarding the Mr. Peach tape, I think he taped the Tokyo shows. But I really do not know for sure.

  8. I ordered this T2K title based on the assumption it was the rumoured Mr. Peach source but now I’m guessing it is not? Which has me wondering why, if they do possess that source , they would not release it now as part of this 40th Anniversary release. Perhaps that Mr. Peach sample on YouTube is from a different show on the ’71 Japan tour?

  9. The sound clip of this new Zepp sounds kinda different than three already liberated tapes but the quality is so compressed that I couldn’t recognize really the real difference so we have to wait til the overall and final verdict will be posted by the person who seed this for us first. In the past I’ve stuck with T2K titles because they were expected to be “sourced from unreleased tapes” but in fact all were the same old recordings, tweaked to death.

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