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New Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

Deep In Space (Sigma 42) is a two disc set with the June 4th, 1971 Dusseldorf show. 

Lund Master(Sigma 41) has the March 20th, 1970 Lund, Sweden tape. 

Led Zeppelin First Time At The Forum (TCOLZ 049/050/051/052) is a four disc set with the two tape sources for Zeppelin’s first show at the LA Forum on March 27th, 1970.

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  1. Yes – both Sigma 41 & 42 are 2-CD sets each, and, unlike the Ayanami 2-pro-CD-R version, ‘The Embryo’ is at the start of Disc 2 instead of at the end of Disc 1. So each disc of Sigma 41 has a total of 4 tracks.

  2. Is Sigma 41 a double disc?

  3. Both the Ayanami 2-pro-CD-R version & the FARM (Flux And Reflux Music) version of the Lund 1970-03-20 show were very good releases, and any differences in sound characteristics between the 2 different titles are too subtle for my ears to discern, but the FARM version appeared to be slightly superior with regards to the fact that not only was it on factory-pressed silver, but it also didn’t seem to have the brief-but-screwy disturbance midway through ‘Embryo’ that the Ayanami release unfortunately had. And I’m not sure, but it seems that both of them, ran slightly too fast, so I’m wondering if Sigma has done any speed correction to the show. Maybe someone such as WGPSEC, who apparently seems to have the right equipment for detecting even very subtle differences in speed, might have a thought or two on this matter?

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