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new Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, and Ozzy

Sigma are coming out with two new releases.  Offenbach 1971 (Sigma 69) is a 2CD set with the February 26th, 1971 Offenbach, Germany show.  Taken from the LP boot Pictures Of Pink Floyd Vol. 1 (Topsound  70001), this will be the third pressing of this show on the Sirene/Sigma labels. 

Saint Ouen 1972 (Sigma 72) covers the radio broadcast from Centre Sportif de l’Ile des Vannes, Saint Ouen, France on December 1st, 1972.

Judas Priest Painkiller In Sheffield (Langley Deluxe 017) Live at City Hall, Sheffield, UK 26th March 1991

Ozzy Osbourne Bloodbath In Festival (Shades 465) contains the Osaka show on March 10th, 1989.

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  1. Ok, then for the first time we´ll hear Offenbach in very good sound !!

  2. Yes, the Offenbach is from the vinyl source.

    Sirene released this show two times. The first on Offenbach 1971 (Siréne-023) and the second on Offenbach Master (Sirene-225).

  3. And maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but I’m able to recall Siréne/Sigma previously releasing the Offenbach 1971-02-26 show once in the past – as “Offenbach Master” (Siréne 225).

  4. I don’t know about any possible edits/cuts/fade-ins/fade-outs/etc., but at least I do know that the Sigma version of the Saint Ouen radio broadcast has all the tracks that the Highland Project 2-pro-CD-R “RTL Radio Broadcast” version has – incl. ‘Childhood’s End’, ‘Blues’, etc. So it appears to be complete, I think, but I’m not sure. And as for the Offenbach ’71 show, I thought that only the 2 bonus tracks at the end were from the LP source, but I suppose I could easily be wrong.

  5. And while you’re answering Charlie’s question….anything known about the sound-quality of St-Ouen and the fact if It’s complete, perhaps?
    I’ve been waiting for ages for this to be released by Sigma!
    And a beautiful Godfather-box on the way; no money left for the officially released Wall-set, I think…

  6. Hi Gerard, new Offenbach 1971 will be from the complete vinyl source?

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