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  1. ‘Epilogue’ is, possibly, a SB, as there is very little crowd input. If it IS a SB, it is one of those slightly muffled ones, possibly down to the generation of tape used for this issue. The SQ is not as in-your-ear as Mr Peach’s recording, issued as ‘Who Has Seen The Rainbow’ on Tarantura. The crowd certainly make themselves heard on Mr Peach’s recording, although not intrusively so. I believe the tapes to be different sources – can anyone confirm this?

  2. Personally, any Rainbow show from Japan in the 1970’s/early 1980’s will be best experienced through a Mr. Peach recording. And I believe that they were pretty much all recorded by him. Because neither of these releases is sourced from a Peach, and we know who releases them exclusively, these titles are of no interest to me.

  3. I seriously doubt there will be reviews of these two titles. I’m not sure what the other writers are planning.

    My personal rule is: if there is any doubt, then don’t spend the money. I feel it is much better to not spend on something that might be potentially great than to spend money on something that is complete garbage. You can always track titles down at a later date, sooner or later, if you think you’ve missed out on a gem.

  4. As you may recall from my other posts, I no longer feel we can automatically trust the ‘Truly Perfects’ and ‘Amazings’ of these releases, although some undoubtedly shall be so. The Dec 16th evening show (aud) has been released before as 2CD End Of Rising (Darker Than Blue 041/042), and 2CD When Evening Falls (Rising Arrow-007). I’m pretty sure the DTB release came after the RA, although I preferred the less hissy sound of the RA. There has also been 3 SB songs, released on ‘Soundboard Archives 1976’ (DTB 077/078). I may get this release, I may not. I mean, I WANT to, but they don’t come cheap, and when it may not be an upgrade…

  5. Lighthouse says both have TRULY PERFECT SOUND. Does anybody plan on reviewing them?

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