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new Rainbow and new Queen

Rainbow Heritage (Rising Arrow-035) contains a soundboard recording from Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on December 9th 1976, taken from the original master cassette tape belonged to Cozy Powell

Queen Vienna Magic (Wardour-076) is a four disc set with the two Vienna 1986 shows and a dvd containing footage as well.  A rare Magic Tour silver.

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  1. ‘Heritage’ IS a 2CD release but CD one is a Remaster and CD2 is a ‘Direct Master’ of the same music. Just under 57 mins, 13 tracks. The Remastered version IS better than the original, making CD2 redundant in my eyes. And after I’d paid for it! However, despite this, I’m very pleased to have it in my collection.

  2. No, no official release. ‘On Stage Outtakes’ (no label, early 1990s, IIRC) had ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’ from December 9th, but didn’t give venue or year. On listening, the performance matches that on on Soundboard Archives (albeit in slightly better SQ).As Hager says, would be nice to get more of the show. Ideally full show – do we know if this new title is a 2CD release?

  3. Disc 2 of the recent Soundboard Archives release contains a portion of Rainbow’s December 9th show, which also sounds remarkably similar to some of what’s contained on the official On Stage release. Of course, neither contains the whole show. So if this imminent Rising Arrow release contains the whole show – or more than what we’ve already got – then it may be of great interest to Rainbow collectors.

  4. Does anyone know if this Rainbow has been released officially?

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