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new Rainbow and Pink Floyd

Rainbow Freezing Blow (Rising Arrow-050) is a six disc collection containing three unique tape sources for the January 27th, 1978 show at the Nakajima Sports Center in Sapporo, Japan.  

 Pink Floyd Day Of The Animals (Sigma 77) contains the July 2nd, 1977 New York show in what the label promises to be a huge upgrade over Prog King (Siréne-099).

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  1. The Pink Floyd-title has a very good sound to these ears! I haven’t heard other releases of this show but I hope that we can expect a review of this one, on CMR, in the (near) future?

    For what it’s worth; happy to have added it to my collection.

  2. I quite agree gsparaco flogging a dead horse comes to mind. It is just about cashing in it makes collecting become a bit of a joke and it is quite insulting to think people will keep paying good money for re-hashed shows with 1,2,3,4 ….. different sources it has to stop.

  3. It seems there’s been a Rainbow title released every other week for the past five years. Exactly how many shows did they play in Japan???

  4. I am only interested in the Pink Floyd title. I’ve tried to track down Prog King, but since this seems to be a ‘huge upgrade’ I decided to settle for this one. Does this, however, mean that this will end up being ‘Definitive’? Or will we get another upgrade of this show in a few months time?

  5. One may also question the desirability of the Rainbow release given the likelihood that Mr. Peach also recorded the show. Peach’s source won’t be on Rising Arrow, and odds are high that it will outshine all 3 of Rising Arrow’s sources.

  6. I certainly no longer fork out for releases offering two sources, let alone three, so I’ll pass on this new Rainbow title.

    The Floyd upgrade is interesting, however, although I may first wait for a review…

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