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new Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio


British metal dominates today’s new releases.  First up is Rainbow Definitive Cardiff 1983 (Darker Than Blue 169/170/171/172).  This is a four disc set with the audience and soundboard recordings of the September 15th, 1983 show in St. David’s Hall in Cardiff, Wales.  Also included is a miniature tour program replica.


Black Sabbath Children Of The Black:  Definitive Edition (Zodiac 011) contains an upgrade of the August 10th, 1980 Hartford, Connecticut show on two CDs.  


Also now available is Black Sabbath Lonely Is The Word:  The Legendary Master (Zodiac 010), a 2CD title with an upgrade of the June 2nd, 1980 show in Offenbach, Germany.  


And finally Dio Last Stand In Germany (Zodiac 009) is a one disc title with the October 29th, 1984 show in Essen, Germany.  

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  1. Oops, forgot to mention: The Offenbach title will be on its way soon. Bill Ward and LITW!!!

  2. I own Prince of Wales and I’m pretty satisfied with it (sound is really great). No intention to order the 4CD set.

  3. Interesting stuff.

    Be interesting to hear how ‘Children of the Black’ compares to Bondage’s ‘Hartford Evil’ (Bondage Music BON349/350) – it’ll have to be going some to better it.

    Finally Offenbach gets a silver release. Bill Ward AND ‘Lonely Is The Word’.

    Darker Than Blue previously released Rainbow’s Cardiff 1983 broadcast as ‘Prince Of Wales’ (DTB 104/105). Do we know whether that has been imporved upon, or is the same with the addition of the audience that nmakes it ‘definitive’, in their eyes? I shall not be buying a4 CD set.

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