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Many interesting new silvers are coming out this week starting out with the new Queen dedicated label Master Stroke.  They are continuing their production of comprehensive audio and video titles with Carnival At The Court (FFMS-005A/B/C).  This covers the June 6th & June 7th, 1977 Earl’s Court extravaganza.  The audio is on 2CDs and the video on one silver DVD.  All of this has been out before but it’s nice to have it in one collection.

Foreigner First Time In Tokyo (no label) is a one silver disc title from the Budokan on July 4th, 1978. 



Boz Scaggs Live Ahead (no label) is a 2CD silver pressed title with the Tokyo show on October 14th, 1980.

Lynyd Skynrd One More From The Nights (no label) is a 2CD set from Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan on January 15th, 1977.

Pink Floyd Boston 1973 (Sigma 73) features a remastered edition of the Joe Maloney tape for the Music Hall, Boston show on March 14th, 1973.



Pink Floyd Santa Monica 1970 (Sigma 70) features the May 1st, 1970 show from the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, California.

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  1. Yes, good spot, ql006b. It has rather taken the initial excitement I felt down a notch or two, knowing that (like an official album!) it has pieces grafted on, but it sounds so good I may let them off with this one.

  2. I’ll have a full review posted shortly, but qul006b is correct. The Santa Monica isn’t the full show, but has pieces such as “Grantchester Meadows” edited in from another show.

  3. Why I posted the link above is that it possibly explains the “complete” Grantchester Meadows.

  4. As I just got both new Floyds a couple days ago, I can now fully concur with what both Hager & leearzap say about ’em. However, the artwork for the Santa Monica ’70 show is rather drab. But just about everything else about ’em is awesome.

  5. The Pink Floyds will be granted a plenary review next week.

  6. Didn’t check the above link from ‘world of Floyd’ but to these ears Santa Monica AND Boston 1973 sound very good. Regarding how old these recordings are; great job! Really looking forward to the full reviews of both!

  7. I am no Floyd expert but out of curiousity I did some net search. Could it simply be that Sigma used this version?

  8. Thanks for observations about Santa Monica 1970. We’ll have a full review posted by next week (hopefully).

  9. Totally, including the gentle birds chirping to start this gorgeous and captivating recording. And that’s literally how the beginning of disc 1 starts. No audience or other noises, just tiny bird sounds. Great stuff.

  10. Hager, so is Grandchester Meadows complete on Sigma 70 ?

  11. Just received the May 1, 1970 Floyd title (Sigma 70), and have made a fair, but quick comparison to Heavy Hung. There is no comparison. This release is a stunning upgrade, with depth, closeness, and atmosphere not present on Heavy Hung. Actually listening for maybe the 6th time now to Gilmour’s breathtaking vocals on Grantchester Meadows – which are nowhere on Heavy Hung as that release came into the song with 31 seconds left – and loving the song’s transition into Astronomy Domine. I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for the start to this amazing concert. All tracks sound incredible as cmpared to Heavy Hung, leaving this collector quite pleased.

  12. Any comments on the SQ of the Floyd title gratefully received, thanks!

  13. It might be a while before reviews are posted. Donations to this website have slowed to almost nothing.

  14. As for how much of an upgrade each new Floyd title is, it’s just too early to tell, as it’ll most likely be at least a couple days or so before any reviewer/writer here is able to get them. For whatever it may be worth to anyone, the Santa Monica ’70 show has been described by Sigma as “PERFECT SOUND (UPGRADE)”, & the Boston ’73 show has been described by Sigma as “TRULY AMAZING/PERFECT SOUND (UPGRADE)”.

  15. Anybody know how the May 1st, 1970 Floyd show is any different from their release of “Heavy Hung”

  16. We’ll find out eventually.

  17. Anybody know if the new Pink Floyd Sigma-73 Boston release is that much better, than Sirene’s?

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