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New releases

The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin will release Dedicated To Anyone Who Got Divorced Today (TCOLZ 036/037/038/039/040/041), a six disc set featuring the March 12th, 1975 Long Beach show.  This will feature a brand new, excellent sound quality tape never released before. 

Olympia 1969 Pre-FM Master is a one disc title with the October 10th, 1969 Paris show.  Essentially this is the first disc of the last TCOLZ release One Night Stand In Paris but has been remastered for better clarity.   

Deep Purple Boston 1973 (Darker Than Blue 060/061) features the May 24th, 1973 Boston show in truly amazing sound quality. 

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  1. Although I’d bet that a fuller review of the Zeppelin Long Beach title will be posted, I have neither the precious time nor desire to sit through this six-disc set to compose a review. But I do have some initial thoughts, and, for me, they’re stark. Having heard a copy of Beelzebub’s version of the new Long Beach source of this show, and knowing that label’s history for producing some grisly work, I presumed the TCOLZ version of the new source would be an improvement. It is not, and is not by a wide margin. Beelzebub’s version has expansion and volume (some distorted, mind you) that dwarfs TCOLZ’s effort. The second source used by TCOLZ for this same concert, on its disc 4, does not compare favorably to the wonderful work previously done on that source by Winston Remasters. And, to add insult to injury, what’s the purpose of discs 1-3 when they’re essentially of the same show on discs 4-6? Discs 1-3 are of a lesser quality recording, but apparently is the whole show, so I guess that’s their redemption. All in all, I am disappointed by this release, and will give a deserving nod to Beelzebub on this new source unless, or until, someone does it better.

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