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New releases

Godfather have two new Pink Floyd titles coming out soon, both making their silver debuts.  Atom Hyde Park (GR 320) is a one disc set with the July 18th, 1970 free concert in Hyde Park in London.

First Australian Show (GR 321) is a one disc set with Pink Floyd’s first Australian show, in Melbourne on September 13th, 1971

Iron Maiden Fiery The Angels Fell (GR 322) is a one disc soundboard release from the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago on March 11th, 1987.

Neil Young A Day In The Life (GR 326) is a one disc soundboard recording of Young’s set for the Farm Aid benefit on September 20th, 2008 with four bonus tracks from Rock In Rio on June 27th, 2008.

Bruce Springsteen Born To Be Wild (GR 323) is a one disc title containing cover tunes from the fifth leg of the Magic tour, containing 21 songs and a six page booklet.

U2 Thank U Too For The Fire (GR 324/325) is a two disc set with an audience recording of U2’s debut in Italy, on February 4th, 1985 in Milan. 

Apocalypse Sound issued Michael Jackson The Love We Save (AS 152).  This is a television broadcast of the King Of Pop’s November 9th, 1996 show in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  1. WOW…thanks for all the responses! The package was shipped via FedEx. I think that every single overseas package of mine has been opened in the last year. This is the first real issue I’ve had so I’m hoping it’s a fluke, but we’ll see…cause it’s not going to stop be from getting more Floyd.

  2. That’s funny maybe in the sense of some irony, but certainly not in the sense of “ha-ha” funny. Very sorry to hear about all the problems – that would certainly get me pissed, but fortunately so far I’ve yet to have anything significantly damaged. In fact, of all the many, many packages that I’ve received over the years, I seem to remember that only a couple may have been opened. But now, after hearing such disturbing news, I’ve become quite concerned about the packages that I’m going to be getting from now on.

  3. My packages were shipped Fed Ex and still opened by US Customs. Even having the titles shipped without jewel cases didn’t help.

  4. That’s funny. I’ve never had anything opened by customs. Hope I’m not speaking to soon either. Lately I’ve been having my discs shipped via Fedex.

  5. A few years ago I had the same problem with a digipak DVD (placed at top of the package) that was opened by US Customs (I believe the shipment originated from Europe in this case). The front cover was sliced laterally (boxcutter) much to my chagrin… I’ve had basically all packages coming from Asia and a couple from Europe opened but only in this single case damaging the actual contents. Totally unacceptable IMO but the folks working these jobs are probably payed to not care.

  6. There’s no stopping Customs from rifling through anything unfortunately. I’ve had items (jewel cased and otherwise) damaged or even stolen in the past. Best thing to do is have your packages insured whenever possible – usually it’s only a couple dollars extra for more than enough coverage. Further, apart from requesting adequate packing materials, it helps to make sure the correct customs form is attached detailing the contents accurately. But, no matter what, it’s always a roll of the dice.

  7. I too have dealt with this issue. I would say every second or third package I get from overseas has been opened and resealed by US Customs, sometimes delaying the shipment by a day or two. I don’t know what they are looking for but luckily nothing has ever been damaged. There is probably nothing we can do about it.

  8. OK, I just need to vent and possibly get some advise. I just received my copies of ‘First Australian Show’ and ‘Atom Hyde Park.’ US costumes opened the package with such brutality, the cover of ‘FAS’ is cut and bent. Has anybody else had this issue with overseas shipments of non-jewel case paperboard artwork? I guess since the CD is intact I should be happy, because the music is the most important thing…but still, I love the artwork and price I paid…ARGH! Thanks for listening!

  9. The reasons for the omission will be discussed in my forthcoming review – and this shouldn’t detract from the value of this release whatsoever. Of course, a complete set would be ideal, but like I said, both of these items are very much welcome.

  10. While still welcome, it appears that ‘First Australian Show’ (GR 321) is an incomplete show, omitting the encore ‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’.

  11. Yes indeed, it’s August 13th and both of these Floyd items are very much welcome.

  12. Isn’t the date of the Pink Floyd show in Australia in 1971 actually August 13th instead of Sept. 13th? Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.

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