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Many very interesting new releases are coming out in the next week or so.  Godfather have a full slate this month.  U2 What Time Is It In The World (GR 560/561) documents the Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt, Germany show from August 10, 2010

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Titan Top Show (GR 562) is a one disc set with an audience recording from Teatro Brancaccio in Rome on May 25th, 1968 (early show)

Neil Young Honey Slides (GR 563) contains the acoustic set from the Bottom Line, New York on May 16th, 1974

The Beatles The Jimmy Nicol Days (GR 564/565) is a two disc set documenting the period in 1964 when Jimmy Nicol replaced the sick Ringo for a brief time

U2 Like A Hurricane (GR 566/567/568) contains the two Zurich shows from the latest tour on three discs

Bob Dylan How Sweet The Sound (GR 569/570) contains the Hersey Pennsylvania show in 1997 plus bonus tracks

In non-Godfather news, Cozy Powell Over The Top Session is a 2CD set with the ultimate compilation of the “Over The Top” Session from a soundboard recording

Pink Floyd A Generation’s Legacy (Sigma 63) is a three disc set with the June 17th, 1975 Nassau Coliseum show.  This comes from the same tape utlized on Nassau 1975 Day 2 (Sigma 43) but from the master cassette.  (On a side note, Sigma’s sister CDR label is releasing Wembley 1977 March 15 Master (LEM 007).  Quite why this is on CDR when the second Nassau show receives its second silver pressing on Sigma is a complete mystery and, quite honestly, doesn’t make sense).

Whitesnake The Night Serpent is a 2CD set with the soundboard recording from the Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan on June 13th, 1988

Finally, Led Zeppelin Olympia 1969 Pre-FM Master is a one disc title with the Paris radio broadcast form October 10th, 1969.  This utilizes a tape first found by the TCOLZ label and released as a 2CD set One Night Stand In Paris (TCOLZ 029/030)

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  1. So, having spent an evening working my ears, I can now confirm that ‘A Generation’s Legacy’ IS an upgrade on ‘Nassau Day 2’, with that brightness that comes from a lower generation source, rather than simply better mastering. But it isn’t ‘truly perfect’. (Of course, I must add the caveat ‘in my opinion’!) TBH, I couldn’t really separate Highland’s ‘Live At The Coliseum’ from Sigma’s ‘Nassau Day 2’, except that the latter had better indexing; both titles now made redundant by ‘A Generation’s Legacy’.

  2. So, PF Nassau Day 2 (Sigma 43) has ‘truly amazing/ perfect sound’; ‘A generation’s Legacy’ (Sigma 63), from the master of the same source, this time, has ‘truly perfect sound’.

    Gotta love it!

  3. Walterfive -> I meant if this is a reissue or just selling copies that have hand’t been sold out from the old printing bath…

  4. Careful Axeman Eugene

    eric99, the exact wording that Sigma is using for their #63 release is actually TRULY PERFECT SOUND, although i tend to doubt that will make much, if any, difference

  5. It will have truly amazing sound though…

  6. Hmm: why is this ‘new’ Floyd title not called “Definitve Nassau 1975 Day Two”, in keeping with previous practice? :D

  7. Thanks for these interesting GR news! The Godfather U2 Frankfurt set has a fantastic front cover. And the Zurich shows I will buy because I was there.

  8. Yes, that Led Zeppelin tape (the one without the modern-day voice-over) is two years old, and was released under several titles, shortly after the off-the-air version *with* the voice-overs was put out, also under several different titles. I never bought the second one, I just d/l’ed it from the Demon because they pissed me off.

  9. Oh so true about the upcoming floyd releases!

  10. Didn’t Led Zeppelin’s Olympia title from non labelled Japanese gang is released two years ago already? Smell of selling the same old shit as new here or am I going crazy…The cover artwork telling me it’s just remainding copies are going to be sold out from the vaults. Anyone with same feelings?

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