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Coming out next week is The Rolling Stones Pavillon De Paris Day One, a 2CD set with the June 4th 1976 Paris show.  

Howlin’ For Hubert is a 3CD silver pressed edition of the Hubert Sumlin memorial on February 24th, 2012 in New York.

Pink Floyd Landover 1975 (Sigma 75) contains the first half of the June 10th 1975 show at the Capitol  Centre in Landover, Maryland.

Black Sabbath Runic Echoes  (Shades 463) Live at K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 15th September 1989

Black Sabbath Eurolines Espace Balard, Paris, France 30th September 1983

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  1. Although Sabbath’s RUNIC ECHOES hasn’t been reviewed here, after researching a lot, I have managed to get it. If you’re a fan of the Martin era, you have to get it as well. Ian Gillan as special guest on both Deep Purple’s SMOKE ON THE WATER and playing a duo with Martin on PARANOID are worth the investment. Sound quality is pretty good. Great stuff!

  2. And having praised Shades for some recent silvers, they issue more on CDR. I simply won’t buy CDRs now, not at all, and I know many of you don’t: is this not reflected in their sales figures?

  3. “Exposed In The Light Of Landover (Godfather Records GR396/397) documents the June 9th, 1975 Landover show. Sigma’s Landover 1975 is the following night, June 10th…” OOPS! You’d have thought I’d have checked that most basic of details, would you not! It’s not as if I’m new to this. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hmm, just got an update from a supplier who have a Legendary Brussels ’73 title, silver, on the “Nanker Nanker” label, catalogue number 003, now listed as a new release. I guess that could be DAC using a pseudonym, as it were.

  5. To address the “where have DAC gone?’ question, I was told by a Japanese friend that they just released Brussels and Hampton, the two official downloads, in remixed (?) form though I haven’t seen them listed. You hear anything to that effect, Mr. Sparaco?

    • Nope, I’ve not heard about that. I know that Idol Mind released the Brussels download (which I reviewed), but nothing about DAC releasing Brussels and Hampton. Hopefully I’ll hear about it soon…

  6. Exposed In The Light Of Landover (Godfather Records GR396/397) documents the June 9th, 1975 Landover show. Sigma’s Landover 1975 is the following night, June 10th, and only the first half of the show is in circulation. I’ll have a full review posted in a couple of days.

  7. Like DLee, I am puzzled by the Sigma one disc Landover. I presume (well, hope!) the SQ is better than Godfathers ‘In The Light Of Landover’, but if it is an upgrade, why only half a show?

    Great to see yet more Sabbath titles – Shades are starting to come good again aftet many interesting releases were relegated to CDRs, and No Label has yet to put a foot wrong, IMO.

  8. Yes, the Rolling Stones is on the “no label” label. Speaking of the Stones, where has DAC gone?

  9. February 18th the first gen tape of the June 4, 1976 Paris performance was posted on a well known tracker. It is an excellent audie with Keith Richards guitar quite audible all the way through. Except during Brown Sugar. Otherwise a truly enjoyable 1976 Rolling Stones audie. Hopefully this a No Label label CD set.

  10. Sigma releasing just a 1-disc title, which they’ve described as having “TRULY AMAZING/PERFECT SOUND”, is somewhat surprising since they seem to have a preference of their releases having at least 2 discs – in fact, all of their releases have been at least 2 discs, w/ the notable exception of their very first title, which was “BBC Archives 1974” (Sigma 1). “An Hour With Pink Floyd” (Sigma 26) can’t actually be considered another exception since it includes a DVD disc coupled w/ its CD.

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