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Sigma have released Pink Floyd The Unprocessed Boston 1977 (Sigma 78).  This is a two disc set featuring the Steve Hopkins recording of the June 27th, 1977 Boston show.  I’m not exactly sure what “unprocessed” means, however.

Rainbow  Furious Speed (Rising Arrow-051) is live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 21st January 1978.

Black Sabbath Eternal Void Of Doom:  The Legendary Master (no label) has live at Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 18th April 1971

Black Sabbath Black Aires (Langley Deluxe 019) live at River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 3rd September 1994.

Van Halen Pasadena On Fire (Shades 500) Live at Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA. USA 15th October 1977

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  1. Eternal Void Of Doom is a nice addition to the collection. What I’d really like to see is the Lost and Found CDRs of Sabbath 1971 making it onto silver – Master Of Shefield (Jan 14) being the prime, given it’s terrific sound and the fact it includes an early version of not only ‘Into The Void’ but ‘After Forever’. (Of course, it’s difficult to know whether the lyric hadn’t been finalised or if Ozzy had forgotten and was ad-libbing!)

  2. It appears that Sigma may have slightly upgraded their artwork for their Floyd (or Floyd-related) releases – could possibly be the start of a (new) trend for their future releases from now on. The discs may now come as picture discs, and there may now be text, although it’s just the title printed, on the inner surface of the rear insert – on the left side, near the spine. But possibly the most significant change, in my opinion, is that the front insert may now come reversible – it’s optional as to which of the 2 sides you want to use as the front cover, that is.

  3. phanrocks, unfortunately I’m sorry to say that I’m unable to answer your question since I actually have neither the new “Unprocessed” nor the old “Definitive B&P”, as all the disc total playing time info. that I provided was just found on the ‘Net.

  4. DLEE would you consider this an upgrade over Definitive Boredom and Pain? If its a slight upgrade i might just hold off on this release.

  5. If it may be any possible indication of whether or not the new Floyd release has the Lampinski recording at the start for approx. the first 25 seconds, I found a site that has Disc 1 of “Definitive Boredom & Pain”, which has been said to incl. the Lampinski recording as approx. its first 25 seconds, as having a total playing time of 52:10 (74:29 for Disc 2). And then the Lifehouse site on which the new “Unprocessed Boston 1977” was announced has its Disc 1 as having a total playing time of, a little ironically, maybe, neither almost the same as that of “Definitive Boredom & Pain” nor approx. 25 seconds less, but in fact actually approx. 25 seconds more – 52:35. And the Lighthouse site has Disc 2 at as long as 75:42.

  6. If I’m not mistaken I think this one the instruments and music will be more clear however definitive boredom you will hear more crowd and arena type sound. Its going to be a matter of preference.

  7. Has anyone heard the Rainbow and care to comment on the sound quality?

  8. Yeah – I know what you both mean about this possibly being a questionable Floyd release, given the previous versions that have already been released before by Sigma, which were supposedly definitive, then now this so-called “ultimate” one comes out.

  9. Could it be complete? Without the Lampinski ‘processed’ into it? ;-)
    Well I can see what you mean; I like Definitive Boredom… but I’m also very curious if this one surpasses that. I’d like to know if It’s that much better…will it be reviewed by anyone?

  10. The word “unprocessed” itself is very strange. It sounds like cheese or something like that. Sigma released this tape last year on Definitive Boredom And Pain (with a bit of the Lampinski tape edited in). I’m not sure if I can keep up with all of these.

  11. I’m not completely sure about it, but I think “UNPROCESSED” means just the original raw recording without anything at all having been done to it – no remastering, no equalizing adjustments, maybe even no editing, etc., etc. Anyway, this particular new version, which has been described as having “ULTIMATE SOUND”, has been highly recommended.

  12. He Gsparaco,
    I think that ‘uncompressed’ might mean that they did NOT use MP3-files for the glassmaster. They’ve probably had access to the original tape, at least that seems logical to me…?

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