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New releases

Several interesting new releases today.  Tambourine Man Records continues their documentation of Bob Dylan’s homecoming in September with Driven From The Mission Grounds (TMR 156/157) featuring the Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, California on September 7th, 2008.

The Sigma label have two intriguing Pink Floyd silvers coming out.  An Hour With Pink Floyd (Sigma 26) is a pressed DVD with the master tape (according to the label) of the KQED television broadcast in San Francisco on April 29th, 1970. 

Heavy Hung (Sigma 27) is a two disc set with the May 1st, 1970 Santa Monica performance which has, according to legend, the longest ever version of “A Saucerful Of Secrets” ever performed. 

Road Map Of Jupiter (Cygnus 010/11) is a two disc set with the Blockbuster Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 14th, 1992 from the soundboard. 

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  1. I don’t know of any previous release for the 5/1/70 Santa Monica show either, so this is very exciting indeed. As for KQED, all the resource sites indeed indicate it is actually 4/30/70 now – and you’ll notice that on the Sigma discography here, I’ve gone with that date. I’m glad my “wish”/subliminal message was received regarding the ultimate version of KQED being a DVD+CD set both upgraded to the best possible quality..et voila! NOW…how about an upgrade of the 10/23/70 Santa Monica show – it needs it badly, and contains what many feel is the BEST performance of “A Saucerful Of Secrets.” While I’m at it, Santa Monica 1971 would be welcome too!

  2. I strongly agree with Plomerus on all counts. As far as I know, the Santa Monica 1970-05-01 show has never been previously released commercially. And the KQED show is actually now believed by many to be on the 30th instead of the 29th of April ’70, which makes it just the day before the Santa Monica show. More importantly, the KQED show is supposed to also include an audio-only CD in addition to the DVD, as otherwise I wouldn’t order it since I don’t collect DVD’s, videos, etc. As for the Santa Monica show possibly having the longest ever “A Saucerful of Secrets”, I have to curiously wonder about that, since an excellent Floyd site that I regularly visit just about every day and almost always gives very accurate info. has it at only approx. 20:47 long, and there’s no mentioning of any edits, cuts, fade-ins/fade-outs, etc. Anyway, both should have sound qualities that are outstanding respective to the types they’re of.

  3. Anybody know what old titles the Floyd May 1, 1970 set replaces/upgrades. I’m hoping to get rid of some STTP or Highland titles….

  4. Fabulous! These are the Floyd items many of us have been waiting for! Plus, can’t go wrong with some fresh Rush either! Awesome!

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