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New releases and Scorpio info!

Two interesting titles will be released next week.  Pink Floyd Luna Lille (Sigma 33) is a release with the the December 7th, 1972 Lille, France tape.   

Genesis Ultimate Lamb (Virtuoso 051/052) is a two disc set with the soundboard recording of the January 11th, 1975 Lakeland Florida Lamb show.  This serves as a sequel to Something Inside Me released in December which has the West Palm Beach soundboard of the previous evening’s show.

Some of you have inquired about the two Bob Dylan soundboards on Scorpio that were announced last September, Denver 1988 and New Jersey 1988.  The latest news is they are set to be released within the coming week and we’ll have full reviews of each when they arrive here.

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  1. Maybe the taper changed positions, getting closer to the stage and subsequently closer to Roger’s PA after the intermission following Dark Side? Personally, however, I really like how this tape sounds after the band’s break… with Roger’s powerful bass sound coming to the fore.

  2. Roger’s bass really takes off after the Dark Side suite!!!

  3. This is definitely an audience recording as clapping is apparent around the taper. And it sounds like the recording was made not in the center of the soundstage, but rather on Roger and Nick’s side of the PA/stage. But otherwise, the vocals/drums are a bit buried in the mix while all instruments are clear. The only dropouts seem to be sporadic except perhaps a bit more obvious during Eclipse & One Of These Days. Roger’s bass is the most pronounced instrument… but the recording overall is quite clear.

  4. There’s no mention of an AM radio broadcast in Glenn Povey’s book “Echoes”, which is the updated version of his older book “In The Flesh” released over 10 years ago

  5. I read somewhere that the rough master of this show has cuts between tracks (seems the taper edited out the tunings), and also that the tape was plagued with many pops, crackles and speed issues. Otherwise, the sound quality is supposed to be extremely good, recorded from an AM radio broadcast. Can anyone shed more light on the quality of this recording…?

  6. One could almost call this the “Bass Guitar Amp Tape”!

  7. Who cares about the Lisner show for now… Agenda city.
    I’m listening to the Lille tape now and it’s a Roger Waters-fest. Great great stuff. I’m in for it.

  8. As many Floyd fans already know, the “Luna Lille” show had been previously uncirculated until a few/several weeks ago, so it should be interesting to finally hear it for the very first time. However, I’m still wondering when Sigma, or anyone other label, such as Godfather, possibly, might be releasing the definitive version of the great Lisner Auditorium show at Washington, DC 1971-11-16.

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