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New releases from Pink Floyd, Rainbow, Journey, & Toto!

Pink Floyd – Aphrodite 1971 Remaster (Sigma 210) is a 3CD set from Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan on August 6th, 1971. This features separate mono and stereo multi-source mixes of the concert and comes with a Programme Replica.

Pink Floyd – Boblingen 1972 Stereo Matrix Edition (Sigma 211) is a 2CD set from Sporthalle, Boeblingen, West Germany on November 15th, 1972. Details for this release are as follows: 1st set: Recorder 2 (The Great Gig In Boblingen) & Recorder 3
2nd set: Recorder 1 (Marbal’s 2nd Gen) + Recorder 2 Stereo Matrix & Recorder 3.

Rainbow – Rising Rough Mix (Rising Arrow-061) is a single disc “Directly copied from 7 1/2 IPS magnetic recording tape on 7″ speed (I.D.label “Schneider”) belonged to Cozy Powell”.

Rainbow – Down To Earth Rough Mix (Black Box 024) is a single disc “Taken from the original cassette tape (Scotch C60) which belonged to Cozy Powell – The label description “Rainbow Rough Mixes France”. This also features the bonus track “Set Me Free”, a studio demo for Graham Bonnet’s Solo Album “Line-Up” also taken from one of Cozy’s original master cassettes.

Rainbow – Rising & Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll Japanese Original LPs (no label) is a 2CD set “Taken from the original Japanese LP “Rising” (MWF 1004) & the original Japanese LP “Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll” (MPF 1156).

Journey – Philadelphia 1983: Superstars In Concert (Zion-128) is a single disc Pre-FM Broadcast stereo soundboard from JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA on June 4th, 1983.

Toto – Definitive Yokohama 1986 (Zion-129) is a 2CD set from Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan, Japan on October 29th, 1986.

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  1. Both new PF sets are a direct rips from freely available torrents from Yeeskhul, the only difference between them is that Sigma put them on silvers and made an artwork. I cannot se that shit anymore, this is one of the worst examples of a bootleg craft I have ever seen! No such creativity at all, even the quality is about the same without any signs of improvement – I’d say these two torrents are created by one of the best guys I met as it comes for the sound engineering so there’s absolutely nothing to upgrade. I am still under a big shock hearing an enthusiasm from some of you guys willing to buy this crap.

    • With all due respect, Zepster, don’t forget where you are – We COULD choose to download but that’s not our intention as silverdisk collectors. If, as you mention, these CDs are cloned from the best guys at the job, then where’s the problem from there? There will no doubt be a review of these disks on CMR as both Relayer67 and WGPsec have expressed an interest in picking this one up (If anyone else wants to chip in with their thoughts, feel free) if it turns out to be lousy, no-one will buy it but it sure as hell won’t stop Sigma releasing these things.

      • I know Stuart, but hell, these titles are one of the worst silver made efforts I have ever seen. Not because they’re from Japan, no. The point is that they are absolutely rip offs from torrents what means they are full of errors (bad tape edits, absolute lack of any kind of smart mastering, etc.). It just like you’re about to buy a freely available stuff, put it into a nice looking package and serve it for some amount of $, it’s ridiculous as the label for sure have chances to work on the stuff they released. There are lots of boot labels around who do much care about their products, not only from Japan so I am still shocked from where all the popularity of such product these days, where most of us are enough skilled to hear the difference between a raw tape and its professionally restored version. My conclusion is that that many of collectors are buying only for package purpose, not because the music content what’s a pity as in the past many of people were looking for some undiscovered music and now it looks like the only real value is package. A sad and somewhat tragic end of what was a really big deal a few years back.

        • Unfortunately neither of these Floyd titles are direct rip offs from Yeehskull torrents. It looks like part of the second set uses a matrix source of source 1 and 2 for the first three tracks that surely was from the Y, there has been no torrent using the third source as part of the restoration so the mix will be specific to Sigma. The Hakone release is specific to Sigma. I also beg to differ in regards to the purpose of the Yeeshkull site, there archive and freely share historic recordings with known lineage, the work they are doing will allow avid fans the ability to listen to this material for decades to come, hardly full of errors and band mastering . The fact is many labels are using material from torrents from a variety of sites and while there are some boot companies who don’t care, many in fact do care and release nice products for collectors. It is this web site mantra to examine releases and judge their merit. We are not interested in hearing the same old tired line of “bootleggers dont care and are trying to rip you off”, obviously we buy the product and review it.

          • I can assure you that Boblingen source mix is exactly the same as the one torrented on Y, maybe Sigma indeed put some further edits to make its release a bit different from Y version but that’s all. The Hakone stuff is available for years on Y and many of sources aren’t just torrented for some time but indeed they have been available on tracker or elsewhere.

            I didn’t say that works of people out on Y are bad, they’re great but if the label is releasing a direct copy of it and even do not care about eliminating any kind of tape malfunctions such as bad channel balance, then it’s a waste of time.

            Sorry to say but i have a feeling that you guys do not care much about the quality. I have spent lot of my time comparing various titles and found many inaccuracies and other errors when it comes for the raw tapes from which many bootlegs are made. So if you’re not interested in any kind of critics, I feel I am losing my time while participating to this community.

          • Zepster, While it is certain that many labels get their material from the interweb, it is their mastering of the sources that is in question. Some companies trash good recordings, some don’t. I have always loved bootlegs since I bought my first vinyl Led Zep title thirty plus years ago. Most of us do not care if a label takes a tape and masters it so it sounds better, key word better. I find most mastering is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately for those who want raw tapes, downloading is the best place to do so.

            I am very much looking forward to the Boblingen show, I have downloaded the second set from the Y and the matrix work done is superb, if Sigma can use that and make it better or more complete, it is all good.

            This is a forum for conversation and sharing of information, anyone can leave comments and wish more would, it is essential that people can make educated decisions about what titles to buy, what ones to stay away from. The majority of titles I review I buy with my own hard earned buck, I try not to blindly buy and when I do my research for titles the more info I can find the better.

          • Sure, my only critic is against of what would be done if any of these labels could put more attention and to remaster any of its products in much better ie. professional way. There are lots of so called official bootleg series that have been taken straight from amateur recordings and many of them sounds fantastic (depends on its original quality of course). I just cannot realize why this is something rather odd for bootleggers. C’mon, with modern technique everything is possibile, it just depends on someone’s good will.

  2. I was happy to see the Boblingen show announced as well. I have been waiting to upgrade my STTP title “Boblingen 72” from 2001. I will also agree that the Hakone show could use a rest.

  3. Yes nice to see Boblingen coming, wish they would give Hakone a rest. Would like to see Sigma tackle some of the recordings from 1969 and more USA fall 1971 shows

  4. Yes agree, well overdue for the Boblingen show to be on silver cd. Let’s hope they don’t over process. Wow i didnt even know the Cincinatti 73 show had been released on pressed cd.

  5. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Thanks for the info. I’m thrilled that the Floyd show at Boblingen (1972-11-15) has finally been upgraded by Sigma, on factory-pressed original silver, unlike the previous “free-gift” item 2CD-R release.

    Also, does anybody whatsoever out there have the Pink Floyd 2CD “PINK IS THE SKY” (FROCK 001/2) (Rock Line Records), which is of the 1973-03-08 show in Cincinnati, Ohio of the USA? You can either let me know here or e-mail at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com

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