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The Rolling Stones – Warsaw 2018 (no label) is a 2CD set from PGE Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland on July 8th, 2018.

Eric Clapton – Definitive Hyde Park 2018 (Beano-180) is another recording from Clapton’s performance at Hyde Park, London, UK on July 8th, 2018. This features guest appearances from Marcy Levy (Marcella Detroit) and Carlos Santana.

Roger Waters – Definitive Lucca 2018 (Sigma 219) is a 2CD set from Ex Campo Balilla, Mura di Lucca, Lucca, Italy on July 11th, 2018.

Queen – Definitive Hyde Park 1976 (Wardour-288) is a 2CD + DVD recorded at Hyde Park, London, UK on September 18th, 1976. Disc one features a soundboard source while disc two is an audience source “Transferred from the original LP “Free In The Park” (Marc Records ZAP 7960)”. The label states that the DVD is “The best pro-shot video version available (without QTV logo). Never released in this form.” and also contains a few bonus tracks.

Journey – Definitive Budokan 1983 (Zion-130) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on March 2nd, 1983. This was previously issued as Frontiers In Tokyo (Calm & Storm 044), a 4CD set featuring both the FM Broadcast and audience source, but this is being called an “Upgrade”.

Whitesnake – Definitive Budokan 1983 (Zodiac 318) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on February 22nd, 1983. The label is calling this an upgrade “Taken from the original cassette tape (TDK SA-X 90) belonged to Cozy Powell”.

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  1. great sound quality for stones, Clapton and waters releases.

  2. Has anybody got or at least heard the new Deep Purple 1CD “Palazzo Dello Sport” on the Boleskine House Records label? I highly recommend it! Very clear & enjoyable.


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