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New Rolling Stones box set from Godfather


The Rolling Stones – Les Loups Dans L’Abattoir: The Complete 1976 Paris Tapes (G.R. Box 20) contains 4 double CD sets from their Tour Of Europe ’76 in Paris. This box set also includes a 1976 Tour Book replica, 8 page booklet, and poster.


You Should Stay Up For Four Days And Nights… (G.R. Box 20 A/B) features the Pavillon De Paris show on June 4th, 1976 from an excellent audience source.


The Blues Have Always Been Part Of Our Music (G.R. Box 20 C/D) features the Pavillon De Paris show on June 5th, 1976 from an excellent audience source.


Playing Reggae Is Like Playing Backwards (G.R. Box 20 E/F) features the Pavillon De Paris show on June 6th, 1976 from an audience/soundboard matrix.


Everyone Knows The Image (G.R. Box 20 G/H) features the Pavillon De Paris show on June 7th, 1976 from an audience/soundboard matrix.

If you liked this review, buy me a cup of joe. (Suggested: $3 a shot or $7.5 for a double)

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  1. I don’t want to :). But I was reffering to that all stupid super duper reissues of many bands with one or two new cuts which are just alternate takes instead of fully designed collectors editions that are much welcomed.

  2. Don’t get me started on the official Rolling Stones releases…. ;-)

  3. The most absurdal thing is the fact the only people who are really worried of bootleggers are music companies who contantly reissuing the old shit in new package, adding extra tracks to milk more money for something that is already released. That’s the hypocrisy.

  4. @ dcba, you are sharing unauthorized music for free. You are no better than the bootleggers. Did you get permission from the Stones to share it? Have you paid them any royalties? I,m glad we no longer have to deal with the LOSER hoarders. Now we have almost every piece of video and audio tape of our favorite bands anytime we want it.

  5. Thanks for accepting my apology, mojopin, I apprciate a person who can accept apologies. Concerning my post below that….I see it’s looking real stupid; it’s a Scandinavian joke; which is senseless in English.

    I reckon this “fight” over Paris 1976 is over now. So I look forward to see the CMR reviews of both this box set as well as the “El Mocambo 77 Plus” box set (not Godfather)

  6. @erikbt. Thanks for the post (3rd in a row:)). No problem at all from me. And don’t worry, I will not be disappointed if you won’t like this stones box! This was not the sense of my comments, I do not collect Stones, just buy a few titles. I collect other artists and I have an opinion on this label different from yours. I do also appreciate GF considers a great variety of artists, last titles from Traffic and Free are really great. Best!

  7. sleonard -> almost every bootleg release is equalized in some way. The amount of people/collectors who may spent half of the day and listening non-remastered recordings is for sure not as big as the number of people, who do not wanna spent their time to do mastering job in their homes, doing hard and complex mastering because they have no time and needed qualifications to do this; thus EQ is served for that kind of persons (please bear in mind that most of casual listeners are very satisfied with that kind of work). Ericbt, you, me, and many of us, CMR readers and contributors, are amateur or semi-professional listeners with several years of experience and most of us can feel the difference between raw and mastered tape clearily. The point of this discussion concetrates rather not on the nature of what mastering job means but on the personal tastes and dislikes to that kind of work. Each preference is good, the problem lays in the interpretation of what silver bootleg should be like; some of us are prefering natural, totally unequalized sound, some do like soft mastering job and some do not complain on even heavy tweaked release. It’s the matter of what we like to listen and keep in hand: a cheap CDR grabbed from torrent or deluxe packaged heavy cartoon pressed bootleg with mastering work. This is somewhat the similar situation as it comes for the people who like to collect vinyl and CDs: some of them hates digital sound and vice versa; each side has their own pros and cons and that’s the goal.

    Ericbt -> I completely understand your point of viwing; however, I do like also good mastering work and I cannot agree that every Godfather title is way too tweaked. OK, maybe their very first series of releases have this issue but from few years most of titles released by them, even if sometimes heavy eqalized, sounds still good (but not about the same as raw tapes, what is obvious for such listeners/collectors as we are). Personally I am the one who like to make possibility to listen a difference between raw and mastered recording and I have no objects to buy Godfather title even if I already have exact same show on raw transfer. The music is fun and let’s keep with this :).

  8. Living in the ’90’s? Are you kidding me? I was referring to all the great bootleg material that is core for any Stones collection. The BBC tapes on Swiningin’ Pig, Handsome Girls, Liver from 1969, 1972 board tapes, Vigotone scoring 10 cds worth of Voodoo Studio Outtakes, The Excellent soundboard from April 22, 1979 ( now that’s the true definition of an “Upgrade”),5cds worth of 1989 rehearsal recordings from JFK , Sister Morphine releasing a soundboard of 1997 rehearsals in addition to some of the very best audience tapes from gigs in Oakland and Atlantic city from 1999 and 2006 respectively. The list goes on and on and every one in awesome quality and first pressed and presented by a commercial bootlegger!

    You bet that iorr has corralled every single silver disc of this material and made it ready to be downloaded for free. All the while bitching of the evils of commercial bootlegging. I don’t think there’s a collector on this website who even cares what those on iorr do. The only thing we share in common is that we listen to music. Period.
    We’re collectors here who want the music being presented in an aesthetic and archively sound format.
    There are people out there who enjoy reading. Some love books and are collectors. To them a first edition Hemmingway with a mint dust jacket is something to be cherished. They appreciate such things. To others a dog eared 1979 paperback edition will do.

  9. @robert: that was no “awful comment” at all! That guy can go to hell, for sure!
    (and for you idiots who don’t understand anything: I’m joking)

  10. i’m happy erikbt took back his awful comment about ” a guy sitting..”, first of all RESPECT to every opinion! If someone wants to download thousands of gigs from torrent: well, respect to him! If someone wants to spend his hard earned money on silver cds only: well ,respect to him! The only thing i don’t give respect is the easy cash-in connected to some releases , I GUESS THAT’S NOT THE CASE OF “GF” RELEASES: YOU CAN ALWAYS TRUST THAT BEHIND EVERY RELEASE THERE’S A GREAT EFFORT, ANYWAY YOU’RE NOT FORCED TO BUY THEM IF YOU DON’T WANT , DON’T YOU? Let’s take it easy , it’s our hobby not a war!!

  11. “Plenty of the stuff they download wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for old fashion bootleggers getting it out there”

    You live in the 1990’s man!
    That’s how things worked ***then***

    Now a bootlegger like the GF guys only needs a computer to do his job : no contacts with music biz insiders is required any longer. You just need to be a member of Dimeadozen or Hungercity that’s WHERE you get your material.

    If you have access to a shady CD pressing plant bingo! you can lie to yourself into believing you’re one of these mythical bottleggers from the 60’s… wrong you’re just a parasite who
    cash in on what others share for free.

    Ain’t life great? :-)

    Take this biz scheme to the computer world : imagine someone selling CDs or DVDs of softwares that are… freely available off the Net? Crazy huh?

    Ain’t life great indeed? :-)

  12. (one more post here…..I know it’s 3 in a row)
    @mojopin; I take back my comment about a guy in sofa with a VISA card. That was over the top. Thanks for forgiving me for that comment (hope you do)

    I’m sure somebody will send me a copy of this Godfather set. And if I like what I hear, I surely will be ordering a silver box, myself. But as mentioned before; expectations are not high.

    But since all of us RS fans are gathered here; I’m surprised that the “El Mocambo 1977 PLUS” box hasn’t been mentioned here (as a “forthcoming release” )

    It supposedly feature the entire March 4th 1977 concert in Toronto. According to some…..it’s “fake” (which is why I cancelled my order.) But if it’s the real thing…..it will be absolutely sensetional. Just hoping that the March 4th show is as good of a performance as the March 5th show (which is the show we’re familiar with through bootlegs and Love You Live)

    Too bad Gsparaco won’t get to hear this release. I miss his company.

  13. And by the way; “kads” is the one who should be banned, if anybody is. Not me. I stand by my post. I should know; after reading and posting on IORR for 10 years. The “thanks” above does not go to “kads”.

  14. >>But as someone said, it’s the matter of taste.>>

    As it gets down to it; that is true

    But hey folks; don’t be too angry with my posts here, I find it funny that conversations gets a little heated up; and it shows that we all do really care about Rolling Stones bootleg releases. I didn’t mean to make anybody feel bad. But sometimes, it’s better (IMO) to overdo ones opinion a little bit, just to prove ones point. Thanks to all of you who responded, whether you agree with me or not (I know the later is probably the case for the most ;-) )

  15. I think Godfathers heart is in the right place and they try to supply items that fans want to see;
    Its a shame that the performances on the 1976 tour were poor.
    Does anyone know if the magnificent Paris 1970 show with Mick Taylor exists on a mastertape, and if it does wether someone ought to point out its location to the Stones management for a possible future release

  16. I find ironic that some collectors complain use of EQ on many Godfather releases.The original tapes(mostly cassettes)were EQed by the microphone and the recorder(each piece of electronics will color the sound).I think Godfather does an admirable job and yes I have a basis for comparison listening and analyzing this stuff since the 70s

  17. It is also a matter of studio you’re using. Having old, vintage equipment it’s obviuous that even light remastering/EQ would put a really bad tone on music, thus you feel that is something wrong with the sound. But try to play the same recording on modern, super-duper home studio – I bet you’ll find it’s much more comfortable with modern EQ because the goal of todays equipment is to serve punchy sound even if you’re listening music quite quietly.

    On the other note, dehissing the tape is always very risky and some of titles are way too much dehissed, what may causing of heavy equalization at the end, because once you cut some frequencies, you’re losing them for good and only way to progress/recover this part of recording is EQ it to be stayed close to its original quality (of course for most cases, it’s almost impossible thus that heavy tweaking on many titles).

    But as someone said, it’s the matter of taste.

  18. I find heavy EQ on very old godfather titles, it’s years they make fine remasters or don’t touch the EQ from original sources. Give a listen to Floyd and Led Zeppelin releases or most of Springsteen titles with original sources. This is clearly documented in tons of reviews here.
    Of course at the end, as classiraker writes it’s a matter of tastes.

  19. As GS knew when he refused to assign number ratings to sound quality it is very subjective. But I do agree with erikbt in that I think Godfathers heavy handed EQing ruins many of their releases which is why I will trade for them but seldom buy them…..but people seem to like them so that is all that matters in the end……and who cares where they get them as they do a service to the collector who likes their mastering style….we can never have enough silver disc labels……

  20. Godfather is around for 10 years now. Ten years and every month a slew of quality releasesby a great and daring line up of different bands ranging from main stream like The Stones to daring releases by for instance Kate Bush and ZZ Top. If they released crap they wouldn’t be around for 10 years and as succesfull as they are? Wonder why they have steady high marks here on the site and on Hotwacks.com? Wonder why their releases were high ranked in each year’s top 10’s? So, I suggest you shut up because other people don’t agree with you!

  21. @erikbt: You like to hear yourself talk, don’t you? You like cursing and compaining here! You should get a ban! Get a life, man!

  22. >> It’s funny that no-one complains on IORR about those loveless Wonderland releases. 10+CD/DVD boxes thrown together of straight copies from other titles. Or DAC and VGP that first released their often SHIT on VGP, than a GOLD or remastered edition on VGP, then all the same shit as DAC, which is actually VGP and now DAC’s on a 2nd tour with all these titles! >>

    You lost all your credibility there

    You have NOT been reading “iorr” as you claim, at all.

  23. I am following this post for a few days now as I am a big and major Stones collector. I have been collecting bootleg tapes and vinyl since 1983 and 1989 when the first bootleg cd’s came out. It’s sad to see how many people don’t have an actual LIFE and rampage here on IORR by swearing and cursing and making aquisitions on bootleggers and especially Godfather Records. A group of Stones fans think they are superior for some reason. Well guys, you are NOT! They think they OWN the right to certain sources, tapes, titles etc. Bootlegs are property of the people especially since the start of torrents. For those people who can’t afford buying bootlegs or don’t care for covers, booklets etc. they are free to download and enjoy. For collectors of the genuine thing there’s bootleg cd’s and vinyl. And the BEST to do this is The Godfather with quality stuff, great packaging and presentation. The mastering of a source is Always personal but I know besides Stones some of their Zep, KISS and Springsteen titles and especially the first two they happen to have done the best job generaly when it comes to quality. It’s funny that no-one complains on IORR about those loveless Wonderland releases. 10+CD/DVD boxes thrown together of straight copies from other titles. Or DAC and VGP that first released their often SHIT on VGP, than a GOLD or remastered edition on VGP, then all the same shit as DAC, which is actually VGP and now DAC’s on a 2nd tour with all these titles! These Japs rip the money out of your pocket with lousy stuff as they are supposed to be the REAL THING. As a long time collector I can say the Stones Paris box is WELL WORTH obtaining and it has major upgrades on it of already existing shows and sources or new sources. So IORR all-knowers, stop whining get out of your mother’s attic and get a life. Especially since the Stones are on tour again and this time…it may be The Last Time! ;-)

    Oh and other normal people here, don’t react to these clowns. A friend of mine who unfortunately died 2 years ago was on this board very often. She was a main and respected contributor to the forum and I often saw posts there and these people there truely don’t have anything else to do than complain since they propably live a miserable life. They complain on every single subject. Check it out for fun if you got the time. But not too much as it is OFTEN (please, all IORR readers and members, don’t ALL feel offended) a scene for sad old men (and a few women I guess) that you won’t like to spend much time with for your pleasure!

  24. Hey Erikbt have relax. Are you really sure I am NOT into things? Do you want to have a discussion about the sources on artists I do collect? When you talk about Godfather or other silver labels you seem to judge all the releases while you admit here to not know anyhthing about some artists/group releases. I have many godfather cds with original tapes or upgraded sources (imho). Of course I have not been satisfied with all I have bought or dowloaded but from your point of you all from this label is bad. So also some of CMR reviewers from the past or in the present days are not into things?
    I haven’t Goats Head Soup Outtakes you talk about but as written I was satisfied for the Stones show from o2 Arena.
    Can I tell this even if I am not INTO Stones things?
    Then maybe better remasters have been done but I think that a result from a remastering job can be a matter of taste and nobody has the truth.
    On the other side last Led Zeppelin Godfather box Studio Magik is a monster for the sources used and completeness, far from every previous attempt made on commercial or fan releases.
    Sorry to make the discussion cheap, you can go on with “the best source available” but the strange thing is that nobody knows yet which sources will be on this box.
    I admit to not be INTO things about the sources from these Stones Paris shows so if the topic was based only on this matter please go on and sorry. By the way Erikbt, really without anger from me, sometimes being cheap is a good thing for life! Take care

  25. >>. In the big scheme of things, it’s just not that big a deal, is it? We’re all free to collect in the manner that we please, aren’t we?<<

    Of course we are. But I think it's silly and such a waste if the posters on CMR seperate people into the "silver collectors" and the "cheap downloaders" (like if we don't UPLOAD as well)

    I thought the main point was to discuss the BEST sounding version of a show that has recently been released on silvers (watch it's own entry).

    When a recent bootleg is NOT the best source; should one stay quiet about it, just because the best source is only available "via torrent" ? I think that would be wrong.

    And to point out one more wrong thing about "mojopin's" post above; people who are INTO things (concerning best sources of various recordings) might not bother to post here or even POST here (like I do) , and in cases like this; I feel stupid for even getting into a discussion with such a cheap guy. And my comment about "a fat guy with a VISA card" is probably right in this case, judging by the cheap digs like "thanks for telling me the truth", etc.
    To quote somebody you all know…. "you want the truth??? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" :-)

  26. jerrythebarman

    Geez, I sure didn’t mean to start a fight with my reference to the cynicism towards silver releases on IORR. I have the utmost respect for Erik’s knowledge of Stones live recordings and I respect everyone’s opinions regarding this subject in general. In the big scheme of things, it’s just not that big a deal, is it? We’re all free to collect in the manner that we please, aren’t we?

  27. I would like to thank Erik to teach me the truth, and sorry, I have not only Visa, but also american express and mastercard when I read reviews on CMR during my saturday nights.
    I do not collect Stones but I bought the 2 godfathers titles from O2 Arena 3 weeks later than the show dates when no torrents existed.
    I download torrents like I collect silver, but I have more important things to do in my life than fighting a war against a bootleg or a label or teaching on torrents sites what is better to do. You have your opinion, I have my one which is the same of many collectors reviewing here, that’s life. We could discussing hours but I need to save my time using my credit cards for silver cds…..

  28. COncerning mojopin’s question (which were really silly put, btw), I’m not familiar with any ROIO recording of Kiss, Zep or Young, as I have no interest in them. My posts above were concerning Bowie, Stones and Dylan. I guess Lordbud is not either (?) , but his post is spot on, concerning the 3 artists I mentioned (the only artists I have good knowledge on, concerning boots as well as everything about them, among the artists mentioned here). And maybe mojopin (I would bet) is not a part of the traders society on the internet, but just sit there with his VISA card on saturday night, looking for a new bootleg (to sound as B/W as mojopin, here).
    Concerning Godfather’s Stones releases; they have ALL been taken from torrents, recently. In addition to that:
    1) they ruin things with their EQing
    2) they are so quick with pushing out their release, that they don’t notice when something is wrong. For instance their last “Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup Outtakes” bootleg. I downloaded that original torrent. And I EVEN bought the Godfather release to have this stuff on silver…..as I’m a collector. But this stupid label used the 1st torrent version. Not the 2nd version, that had the stereoissue solved!
    Godfather’s last releases has all been complete copies of torrents, concerning the artists I know. In many cases; ruined by EQing.
    I’m not against “the best version” of something on silvers; that’s good for my arcieve; and I’ll gladly buy it. So yes, Mojopin; I wouldn’t call you stupid, but maybe you are clueless, unless their Young, Kiss, or whatever box set is better than the artists Im familiar with

    Mojopin is dragging down discussions here with the “silver collector” vs the “knowledgeable* (allthough mojopin would call it something else!) “collector of music” like if it’s a internet vs silver thing. Real stupid. If you think it’s a “money thing”, you are wrong. You don’t know what people preferring torrents earn.

    BTW; I was a friend of Gsparaco, and we agreed on a lot of things. Often I had to direct him to best sources, and it was touching that he followed my advices, and agreed.

  29. I guess what it comes down to is the fact that no label (not even Tarantura, Empress, Sigma, Wardour, etc..)will ever be able to satisfy every collector. We all have our own opinions which is what makes this site and our hobby thrive. Speaking for myself, I have never had a problem with Godfather’s product and their output has always been one that caters to a wide range of collectors. Other than Tarantura and Godfather, I don’t see any other label with that kind of variety. Even though this is a so called “dying hobby” I still see plenty of releases coming out every month too. What’s nice is, if you don’t care for a particular label, you don’t have to buy it. For the rest of us we can wait for a trusted review (if you trust the writer) and share comments and opinions here to know what to seek and what to avoid. I have only started collecting Stones in the last few years and this new box set looks like something I will definitely want for my collection. I am also willing to bet that this set, like other Godfather boxes, will sell out rather quickly, which speaks for itself.

  30. Well stated ROBERTO. As long as there are labels out there willing to cater to those of us who love music and have a passion for beautiful presentations, I am going to continue to applaud and purchase their efforts.

  31. I’m a longtime Floyd collector and only in the most recent years i started collecting stuff on cd, i did it because my vinyl collection didn’t cover all Floyd gigs i was interested in . My early purchases were releases from Japan ( Highland label then Sirene label) and from Great Dane and Kts, i was always quite happy but not 100% satisfied ( many gigs were incomplete or EQuing was too heavy or the flaws were not adjusted )then one day i met the Godfather releases, first item i bought was the amazing RAINBOW box: just read the review from Gerard and you’ll understand the beautiness of this definitive 8cds box set!! Then i started trackiNg down all stuff i could from this label ,i bought over 30 Floyd releases in these years ( the label released other 2 Floyd boxes and the latest was so impressive that every PF collector i met wanted it: 10 cds with 4 unreleased gigs and one – the Munich gig- lovely upgraded from the old and impossible to find Sirene label- I don’t forget to mention that every show sounds great and in a gorgeous packaging ), all these 30+ releases were strong and highly upgraded from the tapes or the incomplete vinyl of the gigs i listened to. And what about the visual pleasure ? Every release, from this label, has also outstanding presentation ( with interesting liner notes and bulk of rare memorabilia pictures too) and always at affordable prices. After filling my collection with all these Pf cds i decided to collect some other titles and all boxes : the first Springsteen box was something you could expect from a Major, have you read the book ,not the booklet, inside? And what about the Zeppelin “Studio Magik”Box? A definitive box that will avoid collectors to look for very very expensive japanese boxes in the future , you can have all outtakes gathered on 18 cds ( also included another good- reading booklet), i’m not a Springsteen or a Zepp expert but i can easily say that all collectors of these artists i talked to ( incl.the ones on the dedicated forums ) enjoy a lot the great quality of these items, i’ll buy this Rolling Stones box because i’m sure that the Don will offer me the best of the best for sources, packaging and EQing. I’m not a Stones collector but i TOTALLY DISAGREE with LORDBUD that writes “None of the Godfather Boxes are *complete* upgrades in the true sense”: I know it’s not true, The stuff i bought deserves thumps up and cheers everytime , so Don keep on releasing!!

  32. Could you explain us the big success of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Neil Young or Kiss box from Godfather? I know: all collectors are stupid and only a couple of real music lovers can understand where is the real quality.
    I would like to read a Gerard’s post from heaven.

  33. I will admit I have found a good number of great upgrades, newly found tapes on dime. Mostly those are fine enough; I don’t have to purchase pressed CDs of post-1990 Rolling Stones shows in my collection. The most recent silvers I purchased were the last three DAC titles, and the Miami Pop Festival 1969 release which I admit at first didn’t sound too good on the torrent from dime. A few more listenings changed my mind enough to shell out for it. In the past 10 years, the various labels have released “upgrades” of many well-known RS shows. The difference in sound quality is measured in tiny fractions in almost every case. Different EQing mainly. The June 4 Paris show was indeed traded from a 1st-gen tape from master and uploaded on dime some time ago. But having the torrent files and all the other releases…I cannot afford to pay for a boxset of material I already have. None of the Godfather boxsets are *complete* upgrades in the true sense. Lower gen tapes; newly discovered tapes — not really. The days of the original VGP are long gone! And DAC I admit had some worthwhile releases. Not many but the ones they did right were worth buying.

  34. Wouldn’t it be grand if we had more and more soundboards to choose from? It seems sbs are becoming fewer and fewer?
    I remember when Great Dane, the wonderful Swingin’Pig,KTS, Tarantura, and several others produced many great sbs! I am not knocking an audience tape,as some are excellent! It reminds me of listening to some of the zepp 1969 fillmore west & Winterland shows from audience recordings (Awesome shows) yet it is day and night from a good sb!
    Another example is the Stones Touring Party box set-killer quality!!

  35. The great majority of Stones releases on The Godfather label are recordings I already have on other labels , so I really can’t comment on your allegation pertaining to the use of new source material. However , I do believe that “Apocalypse Sound ” dvds are produced by the same individuals as “Godfather” and their “Black and Blue” title of the French TV broadcast is outstanding and a nice upgrade to what I had seen previously. Moreover, this disc came with a nice bonus feature in the form of color 8mm film from 10/10/70, Milan Italy, accompanied by sound dubbed from a ’70 Paris gig.

    According to this release , these tracks come from the June 4,6,and 7th 1976 concerts. However, the attributions of date to song are wrong. Of the three concerts cited above , I think only 6/6 has appeared on both cd and dvd in its entirety. In February of 1993, The Swingin’ Pig released a 2cd complete soundboard of what they stated was the June 4th show entitled “Paris Aux Printemps”. Subsequently it has been learned that this was actually the June 6th Show. Regardless, if three of the concerts were professionally filmed for the TV telecast ,perhaps there’s two more complete sound/video board tapes that exist for this material.
    If there are talented people out there improving and uploading previously released boots , I am all for it. I have three silver Beatles titles which were fashioned from a fan torrent and they are outstanding and a clear upgrade. Its hard to beat a labor of love.

  36. >> Now, it seems if someone attempts to sell their used boot cds they are scorned, told to share them for free or, most recently, told what they are doing is “disgusting”.>>

    Completely agree with you there. I’ve stood up for several sellers there. And also purchased and sold boots there.
    It’s however different when some people make homemade CDRs or DVDRs of downloaded music and sells them for 20 dollars a piece. That is not welcome.

    >>Anyway, back to the matter at hand….>>

    Yes of course, just had to make this last reply, hope you don’t mind. Cheers

    PS: something went wrong with my post above. Please delete that, and remove this PS, thank you

  37. Fair enough, Erik. All I know is that when I first started visiting IORR ten years ago or so, the Buy/Sell/Trade page was just that-Buy, Sell and Trade. Now, it seems if someone attempts to sell their used boot cds they are scorned, told to share them for free or, most recently, told what they are doing is “disgusting”. I download shows from Dime but I also still like to purchase silver releases and have for decades. I just loathe that self-righteous attitude that some have on IORR these days. Doesn’t mean I don’t still visit and post regularly. Anyway, back to the matter at hand….

  38. >>Of all the audience tapes from Paris the 5th is said to be the weakest. I don’t have it, so I can’t say for sure. >>

    Actually the June 5th recording (the VGP release) is not that bad, though it is the weakest of the 4 Paris recordings. The biggest problem with it is that there are some annoying “bumps” at the microphone throughout.

    Another reason for the “hostility” against this release is that Godfather has so many times announced that it’s a “new source” for something, when it really isn’t. I purchased lots of Dylan, Bowie, Stones (etc) Godfather releases due to promising advertisements and reviews, but nearly always (or maybe always) , I have found out that the original source is better than the EQ’ Godfather release.
    So there. There is a reason for everything. I like good bootleg-releases myself, and I’m happy to purchase them to get it on silver, if they feature something “new”

  39. >>Clicking my mouse is not my idea of pursuing a personal collection.I always read with bemusement just how hostile they are on that forum,yet I could care less how they acquire their music. <<

    You are twisting things around.

    The reason for the hostilty of this release on IORR, is that 2-3 of us IORR posters have made the matrixes and been sharing low gen aud tapes of 1st and 3 Paris shows. By "clicking the mouse" it gets spread by us. Not eveybody is just "downloading".
    Of course we're allowed to complaint a bit when the bootlegers release it, without getting a free copy ourselves. Doesn't mean that the bootleg is stopped from being released!
    Anyway, I purchase bootlegs myself, but I have always been disappointed with the Godfather way of EQing things.

  40. This release is sounding more interesting each day.

  41. b5140 -> June 4th isn’t a reissue, all four dates (from what I was told) are sourced from upgaded masters and are definitive versions.

  42. Agree 100%, solly.

  43. We’re a totally different group of collectors here. I’ve been collecting silver pressed bootlegs since April of 1989 and I still enjoy collecting. Iorr is not my cup of tea. Clicking my mouse is not my idea of pursuing a personal collection.I always read with bemusement just how hostile they are on that forum,yet I could care less how they acquire their music. There’s really no comparision . I love trying to track down a nicely packaged release of my favorite artists. Having been a collector for so long, why would I want to suddenly download music and stick it on cd-rs? I have no idea why iorr gets so angry. Plenty of the stuff they download wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for old fashion bootleggers getting it out there.

  44. The June 4, 1976 show seems to be a reissue of G.R. 227/228, minus the 13 bonus tracks. It seems odd that they would include that one over again in this set.

  45. jerrythebarman

    Thanks, nice to hear, certainly more enthusiasm here than on the IORR Stones message board, where any silver release is mostly met with cynicism and hostility.

  46. Yes, I believe that Les Rolling Stones Aux Abbatoirs VGP-241 is the only release of this show. I think at one time it was suggested that some other titles were the 5th but have since been shown to be otherwise. Of all the audience tapes from Paris the 5th is said to be the weakest. I don’t have it, so I can’t say for sure. Since the above notice indicates that an excellent tape source is being utilized lets hope that its new and a nice upgrade. Jerrythebarman, you have breathed renewed expectations into this forthcoming release. Thanks.

  47. I think the June 5th show has only been released once, by VGP on a title that is long out of print (I’ve been trying to find a copy for a few years now). Correct me if I’m wrong about that. But, yes, the other three shows are very well represented already, to be sure.

  48. I am sure the packaging will be first rate as is the norm for this fine label. It’s just a shame that collectors have had this material for decades now.

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