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New Rolling Stones, Clapton, Bowie, & The Black Crowes

The Rolling Stones – Garden State 78 (no label) is a four disc set featuring the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey show from June 14th, 1978. The first two discs are from a WPLJ FM Radio Broadcast while the last two discs are “Taken from the original 2LP Records “Garden State 78” (SD 3957, Smiling Dork Records)”.

The Rolling Stones – Houston 2005 (no label) is a 2CD set from the Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, on December 1st, 2005.

The Rolling Stones – Atlantic City 2006 (no label) is a 2CD set from Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ on November 17th, 2006.

The Rolling Stones – St. Paul 2005 (no label) is a 2CD set from Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, Minnesota on September 6th, 2005. This is a reissue of the excellent sounding source used on Fuel For Life (Sweet Records SV9605) and is limited to just 50 copies. Fuel For Life was also wrongly attributed to Michigan but Mick clearly mentions Minnesota during the show.

Eric Clapton – Detroit 1975 (Beano-140) is a 2CD set from Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI on July 1st, 1975.

Eric Clapton – Rainbow Theatre 1981 (Beano-141) is a 2CD set from the Rainbow Theatre, London, UK on February 5th, 1981.

David Bowie – Boston 1972: Unprocessed Stereo Master (Wardour-226) is a 2CD set from the Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA on October 1st, 1972.

The Black Crowes – Osaka 2001 (Zodiac 237) is a 2CD set from Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan on July 31st, 2001.


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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    an e-mail from Eric Sachs in Japan has that “Rainbow Theatre 1981” 2CD (Clapton) by Beano as an SBD (soundboard), yet i haven’t seen any indication whatsoever that it actually is anywhere else. just another one of his errors?

  2. Love the Garden State and Memphis ’78 shows, both booted many times and loud, live, dirty, and raw in all the right places. Keef and Woody are at their “Some Girls” crossfire best and the band is bracingly stripped-down after the overlong, overstuffed ’75 road show. The year the Stones had something to prove to the new punks, and ages before the Stones were a PG family friendly act in both music and stage banter (“sorry if we’re a bit tired ..w e were up all night f&%$#@!g..” etcv., etc.)

  3. It just had a release not too long ago on another No Label release too! In fact, I’d be convinced that the latter 2 CDs on this set are the exact same thing – Doubtless, this being more complete, I think I’ll go for it but I’m a bit wary of paying for it TWICE!

  4. Garden State ’78 is a good show. I’ve had it since 1990 when The Swingin’ Pig released it on “Out On Bail”. Those were the days.

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