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New Rolling Stones on DAC…

Dog N Cat have released their version of the May 30th, 1976 Hague show Fake And Shaved (DAC-112).  The label claims to have improved Hague 1976 (no label) by correcting the speed and by utilizing tape from the previous night to fill in the cuts in “Honky Tonk Woman,” “You Gotta Move,” among others. 

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  1. To answer the question, what was my point: I was merely addressing kads’ remarks about the recycling of material by DAC-first, by suggesting the show from the day before had been booted more frequently and that’s perhaps the one he was thinking of. Secondly, by agreeing that something new, ie. unreleased on silver, would be nice. I then cited a couple shows that sprang to mind as examples. Seemed both germane and harmless to me.

  2. My comment was intended to see if you (gsparaco) knew what the old Zepp piece i have acquired from a late friend; no label whatsoever on the cdfront or back cover of the jewel case; just a very stretched out jimmy,robert and john paul on the cover psychedelic appearance like one was in a fun house.
    thanks for you and many others tireless efforts on this site!!

  3. gspataco- thanks to people like you we receive these reviews!!! Highly appreciated; these reviews help some of us make decisions on what purchase; keep on keepin on! Quick question that has nothing to do with the stones (although i adore them;specifically the Brian era)
    I have a Zepp show-no label- 3-27-1969 filmore west 2cds that is perfect sb; the cover has robert,john paul & Jimmy stretched out in psychedelic mode standing onstage; any clue what this is; a friend that passed away bequested his collection to me and this was in it.

  4. What is your point, jerrythebarman?

  5. Are you sure you’re not thinking of the Hague show from the day before, released as Any Port in a Storm among others, kads? To my knowledge, this second Hague show has only been released on silver once, and that was recently as Hague 1976, as noted above. Having said all that, I agree with you. I’m assuming DAC will eventually release the new Bern show which has recently surfaced with two different sources( 9/26/73 late show) but how about Atlanta ’75 or Dallas ’69 (lo-fi, but upgraded somewhat lately)?

  6. It’s true that this show has been released before. But DAC do claim to have improved upon existing versions. You can at least give them credit for that.

  7. Another rehash of a show released many many times by DAC, Vinyl Gang in original and remastered edition. This label sucks with all their re-re-re-releases. Time for something new instead of borrowed and blue! :-(

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