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new Rolling Stones on SODD

 The SODD label continue their series of Rolling Stones reissues.  Stones In Exotic Honolulu (SODD-117) contains the January 21st, 1973 show in Honolulu. 

S.T.P. Chronicles Vol. 1 (SODD-118/119/120/121) is a four disc set with the first two shows of the 1972 North American tour in June 3rd in Vancouver and June 4th in Seattle.  Both titles use the common tape sources, so there is nothing new here. 

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  1. Indeed I had high hopes for the No Label label and would continue to purchase their releases (Mick Taylor era) if they ever released another release…;’)

  2. I agree. I hope the no label Stones will issue these recodings. They’ve been too quiet of late.

  3. SODD used the DIME sources, indeed. Of course it’s the same “source” as previous bootlegs, but the generation is lower. Now….the question is….how much of a “downgrade” (EQ-wise) is the SODD releases compared to the original recordings? Or did SODD finally find out how to improve recordings ? Probably not. If the “no-label” label will release these shows, it will be the best silvers to surface, as both SODD and DAC have been proven to downgrade each and every live recording of Rolling Stones, during the last 1-2 years

  4. Are you sure there’s nothing new here ? SODD may have used the common tape sources, but master and/or 1st gen transfers of these tapes have recently surfaced on torrent sites, all of them in better sound quality as what was previously available. So did SODD use the old, commonly available high gen copies or the new transfers off the masters and/or 1st gens? cheers

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