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New Rolling Stones!

Vinyl Gang’s recent announcement about reissuing their old catalogue raising concerns about their Dog N Cat label have been answered today with the announcement that there are new releases on both labels.  Vinyl Gang just issued All Along The Rhein River (VGP-023), a two disc set with the rare June 2nd, 1976 early show in Cologne.  This is the third edition and is exactly the same as the first two released many years ago. 

Dog N Cat issued Danish Brew (DAC-084).  This is a two disc set with the early and late show from October 7th, 1973 in Copenhagen.  The first disc uses the same source as found on Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen (VGP-007) and the second uses a new tape source different than Greatest Dane (VGP-045).  This looks like an identical copy of Copenhagen 1973 released several months ago.


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  1. You’re right of course gsparaco. After I posted that I checked the Greenfield book, could have sworn I read somewhere that they cut YCAGWYW but I’m obviously mistaken. Classicrawker, I really like the Fort Collins ’69 show. Even though it’s the first night of the tour, and something of a warm-up show at that, it’s really smokin’ with Taylor particularly on fire. Sound quality is not amazing but certainly adequate to my ears.

  2. The artwork for They’re Really Rockin’ In Boston doesn’t list “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on it. However the Maloney tape on Jailhouse Rock (DAC-026) does include the track in its entirety so it was played that night. Greenfield doesn’t mention any cut in the setlist that night, just that the excitement of the bust in Warwick caught up to them half way though the show.

  3. Agreed Gents it would be great if VGP/DAC would put out some new silver disc material like the flood of 1981 SB’s several years back or at least press some of the rare torrent material that is out there. In my case I don’t mind the VGP rereleases as I missed out on some titles I would like to get like the 69 MSG/San Diego title ” No Hanging Matter”. Any suggestions on current silver releases for 1969 shows worth getting. I am particularly interesested in a good copy of the MSG show but I am a fan of the 69 tour so any suggestions for decent sounding show releases is welcome and appreciated….

  4. Agree Lordbud, or at least something like Glasgow ’73 which has never been pressed to silver as far as I know ( cdr release on the Sounds of Satisfaction) or how about a stand-alone Cleveland ’75 which is only part of the 6-disc Boston Tea Party set ? Atlanta ’75, which I gather has been upgraded and torrented recently ?
    Also, I notice the re-release of They’re Really Rockin’ now claims to include ‘You Can’t Always Get..’ but I could have sworn they skipped it that night due to the very late start (Keith and Mick busted at Warwick Airport). Correct me if I’m wrong there..details are in the STP book which I don’t have at hand right now.

  5. Well, for new collectors who actually want to shell out big bucks for pressed silvers of Rolling Stones shows, VGP is providing a service of sorts. Maybe they’ll have new covers…perhaps SODD can copy the new-old VGP titles for their own release schedule. I have the “No Label” release of the 1973 Copenhagen shows, and although I have purchased a few DAC titles in the past, this is another one I sure don’t need. Let’s see VGP produce a “soundboard revolution” like Empress, then I’ll be impressed (like I was when I bought my first VGP title “Prodigal Sons Tour Mother Europe”)…

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