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new Scorpions and Iron Maiden

Two new Scorpions titles on Calm & Storm have been released, both featuring new tapes by Miracle man.  Livedrive (Calm & Storm 17) features the June 5th, 1979 show at the Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo.  

Shinjuku Blackout (Calm & Storm 018) documents the October 2nd, 1982 Tokyo show.  

Iron Maiden Caught Somewhere In Leicester (Langley Deluxe 022) has the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, show on October 14th, 1986.

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  1. The new Langley Iron Maiden source is credited to Crazy S…I dont think I own anything credited to him that isn’t excellent althugh I’m not swayed by the “truly perfect sound” advertising….anyone know if it’s the same source as the Godfather release which I already own?

  2. I was referring to the tracks that were not included on the pre-FM release from June 5, 1979 (In Trance, He’s A Woman She’s A Man, Top Of The Bill, Robot Man, and Steamrock Fever). Sorry about the confusion.

  3. wgpsec, regarding Livedrive extra tracks, where did you get this info from? Lighthouse states the title contains only the June 5th, 1979 show.

  4. The audience source being used for the Scorpions – Livedrive show will include the extra five tracks that were not included on Tokyo 1979 Pre-FM Master (Shades 292). The Pre-FM Master is also a must have for Scorpions fans being a near perfect stereo soundboard.

  5. Relayer67, the Godfather title is excellent but Langley states that this new Maiden release is a *Trully Perfect Sound*. Whatever it means, maybe investigating would be worth it.

  6. Anybody know how big the pressing runs are of the Godfather titles?
    In fact, i also wonder how many are pressed by other labels that make silvers nowadays.

  7. Godfather’s version is now sold out (I know, I tried to get one).

  8. It is a shame to see another release of the Leicester show, Godfather has already put out an excellent version of it. There are other great recordings from the same tour that would benifit from a silver release like Sheffield, Bristol, or Gothenburg.
    I am, however, excited about the Miracle Man Scorpions shows from both 79 and 82.

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