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New titles from Macca, Van Halen, Ozzy, & Whitesnake!

Paul McCartney – Now Hear This Song Of Mine: Ram Outtakes (no label) is a 2CD collection of Ram outtakes sourced from early and alternate mixes, backing tracks, Cold Cuts, live tracks, and even a couple from the Get Back sessions in 1969.

Van Halen – Definitive Hammersmith 1978 (Zodiac 296) is a single disc stereo soundboard from Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK on June 1st, 1978.

Van Halen – Stockholm 1984 (Zodiac 297) is a 2CD set from Rasunda Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden on August 25th, 1984.

Ozzy Osbourne – Definitive Tribute (Zodiac 294) is a 2CD set that contains two stereo soundboards. Disc one features the Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio from May 11th, 1981 and disc two features St. Denis Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada on July 28th, 1981. There are two versions of the Montreal show sourced from Best Of The Biscuit: aired on May 2nd, 1982 and The King Biscuit Flower Hour: aired on September 13th, 1981.

Whitesnake – Definitive Stockholm 1984 (Zodiac 295) is a 2CD set from Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden on April 14th, 1984. There are two bonus tracks labeled Cozy Powell: Mars Master Reel Tape “Taken from the original 7″ master reel tape (Audio International Recording Studios) belonged to Cozy Powell”.

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  1. Hi Relayer,

    To me, ‘Storm Warning’ (Langley Deluxe 002) and ‘Definitive Tribute’ (Zodiac 294) sound the same, ie excellent. If DT is an upgrade, I can’t hear it. Disc running times are identical to the second. I’d view it as a repackaged re-release of a title any Ozzy fan needs in the collection. I can’t even decide which artwork I prefer!

    • Thanks for the info on the Definitive Tribute, I will stick to Storm Warning. I agree, to have the original recordings of these two essential era Ozzy Randy concerts.

  2. Aleebee, you are correct , it does share the same content as Storm Warning, I would be interested in what you think if it is an upgrade. Zodiac has previously released this material as Definition of Blizzrd Zodiac 005 that had some bonus RR era quiet Riot material. Of course the Cleveland portion was used as a go bastion for the Tribute record, the Montreal material has been officially released as the second disc of the deluuxe reissue of Diary Of A Madman. I have always preferred the boots over the official releases mainly because I hate the “enhanced” audience.

  3. The Ozzy title is the same as ‘Storm Warning’ (Langley Deluxe 002), that was released in 2007 or so. I think it may be an upgrade, but the Japanese-to-English translation was somewhat difficult to follow. However, I shall order on the offchance.

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