New titles from Sigma, Wardour, & Zodiac

Pink Floyd – Oakland 1977 1st NightPink Floyd – Oakland 1977 1st Night (Sigma 124) is a triple disc with the famous first night at Alameda Coliseum, Oakland, California from May 9th, 1977. This is labeled an upgrade and is from “The 24 bit digital transfer from the original master cassette tapes”. This is Sigma’s third release of this concert (not to mention Sirene’s 4CD Oaklands) and follows Oakland (Sigma 2) and Definitive Oakland (Sigma 37).

Pink Floyd – New York 1977 2nd NightPink Floyd – New York 1977 2nd Night (Sigma 125) is a 2CD set from Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY on July 2nd, 1977. This one has also been previously released as Prog King (Sirene-099) and Day Of The Animals (Sigma 77) but this comes from “The 24 bit digital transfer from the original master cassette tapes”.

Queen – Glasgow 1973Queen – Glasgow 1973 (Wardour-145) is a single disc from the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK on November 23rd, 1973.

Queen – Sheffield 1974Queen – Sheffield 1974 (Wardour-146) is a single disc that features the performance at City Hall, Sheffield, UK on November 5th, 1974.

Kiss – Toronto 1976Kiss – Toronto 1976 (Zodiac 120) is a single disc stereo soundboard from Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on September 6th, 1976.

Kiss – Osaka 2015Kiss – Osaka 2015 (Zodiac 121) is a 2CD set from Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan on February 25th, 2015.

Judas Priest – Definitive JawbreakerJudas Priest – Definitive Jawbreaker (Zodiac 123) is a 2CD stereo soundboard that features a new version of their show at Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM on May 2nd, 1984. This is being called an “upgrade” from the original Jawbreaker which was the very first (silver) title released on the Shades label a few years back and is now sold out.

Ozzy Osbourne – Ultimate Live In PhiladelphiaOzzy Osbourne – Ultimate Live In Philadelphia (Zodiac 122) is a 2CD set from the Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA on September 18th, 1986.

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  1. Wardour has also released The Who’s 12/4/73 show from the Spectrum in Philadelphia. They claim that’s its an upgrade of the no label Spectrum 1973 that came out in 2008. Has anyone heard it?

  2. Expensive but, hopefully, gratifying set of releases, as only the Queen titles are of no interest to me.

    So, Queen titles aside (I’m not a collector), only the Ozzy and KISS Osaka 2015 titles are new to me, the others all being touted as upgrades. I’m certainly going for Priest’s Jawbreaker – can it really be 6 yrs since I got the first Shades release?

    wgspec askes how many versions of Floyd’s Oakland ’77 show can one own, a question that went through my mind too. My database tells me that this shall my 7th, only I only have 2 at present, inlcuding the, er, previous ‘definitive version’. However, who could resist the choice of a ‘definitely definitive (until the next time)’ version?

    • ‘Definitive Jawbreaker’ IS an upgrade to the Shades release. I was quite happy with ‘Jawbreaker’ until I heard ‘Definitive Jawbreaker’ – greater clarity of, er, everything. I’ve not looked at waveforms, but my Mk1 human eardrum is happy it’s due to a lower gen source, rather than anything else. The biggest improvement is in the bass. Even on official releases the work of Ian Hill is often low in the mix, but here it’s perfect.

  3. Has anyone been able to get a FLAC copy of the partial soundboard Pink Floyd’s May 10, 1977 show at the Oakland Coliseum? It has been streaming on the Wolfgang’s Vault site for several years now in 256kbps quality, but it can’t be purchased. I can imagine how great this would sound in lossless form. I haven’t been able to find it in any trading circles. I guess my/our best hope is for Pink Floyd to release it as part of an “Animals” Immersion set. I’m not holding my breath for that to happen, though.

  4. I have to ask…how many versions can one own of the Pink Floyd Oakland show. I would personally prefer to see a new 2CD version of the May 10th concert, and while we are at it, how about a silver disc version of the first night in New York July 1st,1977. The rest of the new titles look really good.


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