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New Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd Knebworth Park (Sigma 20) is a three disc set with Pink Floyd’s set on July 5th, 1975 at Knebworth. 

Led Zeppelin Raid Over Brussels (TCOLZ 011/012) is the latest release on The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin label featuring the underrated June 20th, 1980 show. 

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  1. It’s coming very soon. I’m just pulling together all my notes now. Cheers!

  2. Just got my copy of ‘Knebworth Park’ Sigma-20 today. Comparing it to the Highland equivalent of this show, it sounds like the same source (due to comments by the taper and surrounding crowd) but sounds brighter and less muddy. Perhaps some speed correction? And it includes the announcer at the begging introducing the band. I’m sure a better and more detailed evaluation will be posted soon.

  3. It would appear that Sigma, along with it’s previous incarnations and related labels intend to present a complete Floyd discography – apart from the occasional upgrades of previous releases, they’ve been rather consistent in producing shows THEY have not released before; some items may have been released by Ayanami, STTP, Highland (etc.) in the past, but we’re typically seeing upgrades in all cases. The point is it is likely we’ll see EVERYTHING that is newly discovered or recently upgraded with new sources/clean ups in due time. However, high quality titles previously released via Sirene probably will not resurface unless better sources emerge. I don’t have any further information on Sigma 20 yet, and will be reviewing the title upon receipt. I do not however download from torrents or otherwise, so someone else will have to confirm which of the newly circulated items it is (DLee?), but I’m quite sure it is one of those, and we’ll know soon enough if it’s an upgrade over “Wish Roy Were In Knebworth?”

  4. Good catch gsparaco. Yes I did mean 1973.

  5. Hi lug_nutz6. You must mean October 12th, 1973, not 1970. That is a very early Sirene title and one of their best efforts. It would be nice to see again since that has been sold out for years…

  6. Thanks for the info DLee! I’m thinking and hoping that Sigma is making us wait due to their efforts to perfect the sound and fill any gaps in the recordings. Good quality is always worth the wait, but I’ll admit I’m greedy and want it all now.

    And if Sigma is listening how about an upgraded version of Munich October 12, 1970 as a double disc, for those of us that don’t have the Sirene Collector Edition version.

  7. If not the one that I linked to above, then it’s probably similar to the following, since it also went into circulation recently, although somewhat less recently –


    This is probably a STOOOOPID question, but why is Sigma holding back on the new upgrades of the Santa Monica 1970-05-01 & KQED 1970-04-30 (formerly believed to be 1970-04-29) shows that have recently been circulated, & thus making us wait for them? Surely *some* P-Floyd label should be releasing these 2 shows eventually – if not soon.

  8. The new Sigma 20 release is likely to be similar to the following that recently went into circulation –


  9. Don’t know yet details on the Sigma. However in about two weeks Plomerus will be all over this title and will give us more than enough detail.

  10. Regarding Sigma 20: Does anybody have any details regarding the improvements made over previous versions of this show (ex Highland’s ‘Wish “Roy” Were in Knebworth”). Is this a new source or a ‘remastered’ version? Previous versions were very thin and distant sounding. Something richer would be great news!

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