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News and new releases

Pink Floyd Assorted Lunatics (Sigma 40) is a six disc set covering the March 8th & 9th Osaka and March 10th Kyoto shows in Japan during their visit in 1972. 

Paul McCartney 2nd Night At Dome is a two disc set featuring the March 5th, 1990 show in Tokyo in what is being described as fantastic sound quality. 

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  1. A review of Assorted Lunatics should be coming soon.

  2. Careful Axeman Eugene

    i’ve noticed that there have already been reviews of Sigma’s Nassau 1975 Day 2 and Godfather’s The Sixth German Show, which have been released since Assorted Lunatics. so i’m just wondering…are there no plans to review Assorted Lunatics? just curious. thank you…and keep up all the great work!

  3. Sigma’s new “Assorted Lunatics” 6-CD just arrived today, and while I won’t try to spoil the forthcoming review here, I’d like to just add the note that it’s total playing times for Discs 1 & 2 are approx. 52:21 & 72:27 respectively, which are exactly the same as those of the recently-released 2-pro-CD-R “bonus/gift/free” item “Darkest Moon Master”, so it’s probably an identical copy of it, or at least very similarly derives from it.

  4. That new 6-CD Floyd release almost certainly is going to be interesting – at the very least. In case anyone from Sigma is reading this here, here’s a couple Floyd shows of which upgrades went into circulation within the last year or so – Paris 1970-01-23 & Los Angeles 1980-02-07. Would be cool to see these 2 improved shows made available soon on commercially factory-pressed silver, if reasonably possible, that is.

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