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News and new releases

Bob Dylan Return To Me, Bella Mia (GR 380/381) is a two disc set with the April 18th, 2009 Florence, Italy show with bonus tracks from the April 17th Rome show. 

Pink Floyd The Sixth German Show (GR 382/383) is the silver debut of the February 18th, 1981 Dortmund Wall show. 

Led Zeppelin Adelaide Revival (GR 384/385) is a two disc set with the February 19th, 1972 Adelaide show from Zeppelin’s only tour of Australia. 

US Born On The Bayou (GR 386) contains a soundboard recording of the early show on March 3rd, 1981 at The Bayou in Washington DC with bonus tracks from the May 9th Memphis show. 

Bruce Springsteen Got To Be Good (GR 387/388/389) is a three disc set with the April 26th, 2009 Atlanta show with bonus tracks from the two Philadelphia shows.  This also contains a four page booklet with detailed liner notes. 

On DVD is Iron Maiden Ed Force One Route To Chile (AS 171) with the pro-shot footage from the March 9th, 2009 Santiago show. 

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  1. We’ll have a full review of that title soon. Our reviewer is AWOL and we need to get another copy to review….

  2. U2’s Born On The Bayou (GR 386) sounds exactly like it did…. fantastic!

  3. IMO Godfather have hit a home run with the new Floyd in both packaging and outstanding sound quality. Very much looking forward to reading a future review.

  4. I like the pink floyd very good aud.
    Led zeppelin is very clear and.
    But U2 is very good a must have.

  5. I like the pink floyd, led zeppelin is great too but U2 is very good.

  6. Yes – Windmill’s “Dortmund Trial” had escaped my memory, and I even own one myself, which is the only Windmill title that I have. I’m not even sure that it sounds as great as some of the non-commercial versions, so the silver debut by Godfather is highly anticipated.

  7. Well, there was Windmill-022 “Dortmund Trial” out commercially, but obviously a ProCDR release, so of course “The Sixth German Show” is automatically an upgrade in my eyes, and Godfather have surely invested some time in remastering.

  8. That new Floyd Wall show should be another excellent release by Godfather, given their great reputation so far, in addition to the fact that that particular show has been known to circulate (non-commercially until now) with outstanding sound quality, probably even better than that of the next night’s concert on the 19th.

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