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News and new releases

Next week will see the release of three new silvers.  Rolling Stones Seattle 1975 is a two disc no label release with the July 18th, 1975 Seattle show from the Tour Of The Americas.  This edition promises to be pitch corrected with little mastering applied to have a natural sound to it. 

Sigma have a pair of Pink Floyd silvers coming out.  Consequently (Sigma 47) is a two CD title with the March 15th, 1970 Hannover, Germany show.  This is the same tape source as the Ayanami Consequently released several years ago, but the set has been restored to its proper sequence using a low generation tape. 

Theory Of Ruin Value (Sigma 46) is a three disc title with the April 27th, 1975 Los Angeles Forum show.  The only previous silver release of this show is Hog’s In Smog on STTP and has been in need of a complete overhaul. 

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  1. Having just listened to “Theory Of Ruin Value” I can confirm that it definitely IS the LA Sports Arena show from the 27th. Waters dedicates the first song to LAPD Chief Ed Davis (a response to Davis labelling their concerts “an illegal pot festival”). Sound quality is excellent.

  2. I don’t know cause I don’t have it, at least not yet, but surely there will be a review soon to let everyone know. However, I’m fairly confident that, given everything that we know about Sigma & esp. their reputation so far, incl. their predecessors Siréne & Ayanami, it’s highly unlikely that they’ve either simply lifted the STTP recording or confused the dates in any way. Besides, the STTP recording easily fits onto just 2 discs, while the new Sigma release is supposed to be 3-discs.

  3. So, I guess the question remians-did Sigma simply lift this from the STTP title not knowing it’s actually from the 26th or is it truly from the 27th? Does anyone out there know?

  4. STTP’s “Hogs” is in fact from the 26th rather than the 27th – except for ‘Money’, which is actually from the Boston show of the same ’75 tour. And the reason why Sigma chose to make “Pink Millard” a 2-CD instead of a 3-CD is that the entire ‘Echoes’ could be fit on the same disc (maximum of 80 minutes) with the whole DSotM suite without any interruption of continuity of the DSotM suite, but unfortunately for other ’74-75 shows that’s not always the case, such as now with this 4/27 show’s debut on silver. Surely this is a major reason – even if Meredith Vieira were to disagree.

  5. I can understand the rationale for splitting the sets… which also has the added bonus of milking an extra disc out of buyers. Anyways, if 4/27/75 fits on 2cds, I’d rather have that. After all, a 2 disc set would be the same approach Sigma took with PINK MILLARD… a wise choice methinks. But I’m glad Sigma are releasing some shows new to silver!

  6. I’m pretty sure that Hog’s In Smog had the wrong date and was lifted from the Millard tape from 4/26. I’m sure Sigma split the concert into it’s 3 sections; 1-new music (at the time), 2-DSOTM & 3-Echoes encore. I know that Blue Cafe released a 3 CDr with DVDr of the supposedly 4/27 show. Curious if it will be the same source. Anyways…4/27 will be a new show in my collection!

  7. I had always thought that Hog’s In Smog was from 4/26/75? However it does say 4/27/75 on the back cover of the STTP release… confirmation anyone? Also, shouldn’t 4/27/75 fit on 2cds without splitting DSOTM?

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