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News and new releases

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers US Promotional Mono Mix.   


Rattle Snake released Bob Dylan Coming Down High Street To Rothbury Field (RS 237/38), a two disc set with the soundboard recording from Rothbury Music Festival on July 5 2009 with bonus tracks recorded at The O2 Arena, London, England on April 25 2009.

Led Zeppelin Texas International Pop Festival Defintive Edition (The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin 053/054/055/056) has all four tape sources for the August 31st, 1969 set in one package. 

Pink Floyd In A House Full Of Pain (Sigma 48) is a four disc set containing two different sources for the Fort Worth show on May 1st, 1977.

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  1. Received mine today. If you already have the Highland, skip this one.

  2. I do plan to review Sigma 48 but unfortunately don’t have the Highland or Screamer version for comparison.

  3. Thanks for your two cents lug_nutz6. I have the Highland (obviously, since I reviewed it years ago when it first came out) and have been happy with it ever since. I didn’t personally think In A House Of Pain was worth my money, especially since there are so many titles being released of shows I don’t have.

  4. Since Sigma-48 is not being reviewed on CMR, here are my two cents… The first two discs of ‘In A House Of Pain’ are the same source as Highland’s ‘Pigs Fly Over America’. I concluded this as per comments made by people around the taper during the start of Sheep and right before Money. Highland’s version sounds a little louder and a bit crisper. Sigma may have attempted to make the sound richer, but I think it sounds a little muddier in comparison to Highland’s. If you don’t have either, IAHFOP is a very good but pricey option at four discs, but I’ll be keeping my copy of PFOA. This is not saying IAHFOP is bad, just that my ears prefer PFOA. The third and forth disc of IAHFOP is an incomplete source that runs from Pigs (three different ones) through Us & Them, with disc four being just the two encore songs…ouch! Would love to hear other peoples opinions of those who shelled out the money for Sigma-48.

  5. I should be getting Sigma-48 either this Thursday or Friday. Could I forward a copy of the discs to someone so as to get a review up on CMR?

  6. The Texas Pop release for Led Zeppelin most likely contains 3 audience sources and 1 sbd source. The audience sources are the following, The Play’s Pure Bob source, Reggie The Bullet source and a partial recording which is incomplete and is about 45m long. I haven’t heard the 45m source so I can’t confirm it is indeed a 3rd source or not.

  7. Yeah…I wasn’t aware of a second source either. So I’m wondering if they somehow dug up one or two new sources, or they’re providing to different mixes of the same source? Much like the Sirene-006. Personally I like it better when we are presented with only one version of the concert even if that means mixing multiple sources together.

  8. I wasn’t aware of their being 2 sources for the Floyd Ft. Worth show. Did a new tape source appear recntly?

  9. Sorry to interrupt the LZ conversation…but in regards to Sigma-48, can anyone verify that one of the sources for the 5.1.77 show is the same as the one used by Highland for ‘Pigs Fly Over America’ (HL647/648). As I have found that recording to be rather nice and enjoyable and any subtle upgrades would be welcomed. I just don’t want 2 ‘new’ lesser quality sources…

  10. “Eyes Big Crowd” Tarantura doesn’t sound too bad and is the 1st gen of “Reggie The Bullet” source. I agree that the raw source is a rough listen however Tarantura’s remaster improves that source. The release above is more geared for the collector who wants the low gens for all the known Texas Pop sources.

  11. The Reggie the Bullet source is absolutely awful. Not worth having at all. The aud on Tarantura’s “Bob”, on the other hand, is very nice. Can’t say that I would be that interested in any supposed alternate AUD source, since the Bob source is the complete show from start to finish. Something tells me that there’s not much chance that any alt source could top it. I believe the guy who recorded it was in the photgrapher’s pit, close to the stage. Or, at least that’s what it sounds like on the recording.

  12. I have the sbd source on an excellent release on LSD and an aud release on PLAYS PURE BOB. What are the other 2 sources???
    Do I need them???

  13. I wonder if one of the discs will be a click-free version of Godfather’s recent “Texas Blues” (GR400)….?

  14. There is only 1 version of sbd boys. The difference between separation of channel may caused of various transfers. I assume TCOLZ will release 3 aud and 1 sbd of wchich 1 aud is yet unreleased anywhere else.

  15. I have no idea what they’re releasing, but I believe that there are two different versions of the soundboard. The first is the Oh Boy/Whoopy Cat version, which has the sound pretty much filling out the stereo spread. The other version of the soundboard is the one which Empress Valley used on The Only Way to Fly. It is more separated on the left and right. I like the sound of the Oh Boy soundboard better.

  16. If the LZ Texas Pop contains 4 sources then one of these is previously uncirculated. I only know of sources known as “Soundboard”,”Plays Pure Bob”, and the “Reggie The Bullet” sourced from Freezer’s 1st gen safety copy.

  17. Here we go Sigma! Thanks boys.

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