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News and New Releases

Jeff Beck The Moving Finger(Wardour-080) is a two disc set of the December 5th, 1980 Osaka performance from a new tape source than is found on older releases such as Back In 1980 (Sinsemilla) and Final Woman (Scarecrow).

Eric Clapton Wonderful Farewell (Tricone 049/050) documents the December 9th, 1981 Tokyo show, the final stop of the Another Ticket tour.  This is sourced from a new tape superior to Final Show(Tricone 013/014) released last year. 

Queen The Pleasure Chest (Wardour-081) captures the April 28th, 1979 Nagoya show from a new tape that is said to be better than the one used on Mr. Fahrenheit (Wardour-060).

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  1. thanks for the info! I think the artwork now is really a step up from the past.

  2. It is very common for bootleggers to pool their resources and submit artwork(and discs)for multiple releases to obtain a cheaper rate for printing the covers.That is one reason for a competitors artwork looking similar.Sometimes a bootlegger will release product under multiple labels as well.

  3. Wardour, Tricone, Sigma and Virtuoso are all “affiliated” labels, hence the similar aesthetics.

  4. was there a label merge in the far east? it seems that all the artwork, excellent as it is, is by the same company! same numbered stickers….

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