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Several interesting new releases are coming out soon.  PFM Impressioni Di Novembre(Virtuoso 105/106) documents the band’s show at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan on November 23rd, 1975.

Black Sabbath 1974 is a three disc set with two Sabbath tapes from 1974.  The first two discs cover the Lampinski recording of the February 21st, 1974 Providence show.  Disc three covers their set at the California Jam 1974 several months later from a soundboard recording. 

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 2009 Tour Rehearsals (Social Graces 008/009/010/011) is a four disc set cover the rehearsals at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey on March 18th & 23rd, 2009. 

Gary Moore Reading Festival 1982 (Shades 350) covers the Reading Festival, England 28th August 1982.

And finally, a new Led Zeppelin soundboard recording surfaced last week.  The almost complete March 17th, 1975 Seattle show will be pressed by Eelgrass in an affordable and attractive edition soon enough.  Despite the constant denials, it seems soundboards for the two Seattle shows do indeed exist.  We’re thankful to have the first night.  Will the second show be released too?  We are sure to find out several years from now.  Until then, let’s hope the March 17th show isn’t cut or compressed to death like the Nassau Coliseum show released a few years back.

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  1. Will anyone be able to compare the Cal Jam portion (soundwise) with previous issues such as?:
    Metal Mess (Oh Boy 1-9016) 69′

  2. wgpsec, I know nothing about the Providence 1975 show being pressed on silver. I got it through a cd-r trade, and it totally rocks. It’s akin to Tarantura’s 1975 Asbury Park soundboard, but with incredible audience reaction and participation throughout the show.

  3. Hager, I totally agree on the Sabbath. I was hoping for a stellar Lampinski recording and was dissappointed as well. Now I know why they paired this with the Cal Jam soundboard. At least I didn’t have the Cal Jam show yet so this title still holds some value for me. I haven’t heard the Providence 75 show yet (Sabotage is probably my favorite Sabbath disc)…has that been pressed on silver yet?

  4. For those considering no label’s 1974 Sabbath release because it contains an alleged Lampinski recording of the February 21, 1974 show, think twice. In stark contrast to Lampinski’s excellent recording of Sabbath’s August 3, 1975 Providene show, as well as his other tapes, the 1974 recording is thin, overloaded and generally unenjoyable. Ozzy’s just about the only person you can hear audibly, although his performance was superb. The Cal Jam recording also is nothing new for those who already have it.

  5. As for Zooey D. & Katy Perry, I remember seeing at least a few news features on the ‘Net over the last couple years showing how much they look like each other in a few pics. But just only a few pics, as most other times, I think Zooey looks considerably cuter, and it seems that Zooey’s personality is more likable than Katy’s.

    Also, I forgot that Mid Valley’s 40th Anniversary Edition of their “Soul Mates” 2CD has an alternate take of ‘Layla’ as its final bonus track after the 5 jams I mentioned above, but most Clapton-related boot collectors most likely already have that particular track.

  6. Nothing to do with Ke$ha or Katy Perry? That’s something to be thankful about. Does anybody else here confuse Perry with Zooey Deschanel??

  7. Speaking of the newest Mid Valley (Records) releases, another one is the 40th Anniversary Edition of the “Soul Mates” 2CD by Derek & The Dominos (MVR-615/616) – was released a few months ago. Although I haven’t actually heard it myself (yet), it’s supposed to be a newly-remastered version that gives a slight upgrade in sound quality over their “Soul Mates – Twin Flames” version. It’s also supposed to have some bonus tracks that will be mostly useless to most collectors – the Layla session jams that can already be found on the officially-released 20th Anniversary Edition boxed set, and/or the unofficially-released boot 5CD+1DVD by the Paddington label. At least these “worthless” bonus tracks don’t have anything at all to do w/ either Ke$ha or her longtime pal Katy Perry.

  8. Cool albee. Can you submit a review??

  9. I’ll be getting the Sabbath.

  10. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I recently acquired LA Breeze covering the same concerts as God Notes Vol 2. Whilst I haven’t heard that particular title I can say LA Breeze is a very good and clear recording and (for all I know) may be the same source material as GN2. As there’s a comprehensive review already for GN2 I’ve nothing to add other than it was actually cheaper than GN2. Other releases have included a MVR sampler titled ‘1985’ containing the Hartford (US) and Guildford (UK) shows in very good sound quality and bonus tracks with Sting recorded in Italy. Finally, a 24 CD box set is in readiness covering Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood’s European tour last year.

  12. Wrong with Mid Valley? Besides the high prices and bad attitude, there’s nothing wrong with Mid Valley. Why don’t you tell us all about the new Mid Valley titles.

  13. Been a few Mid Valley releases out too recently, but they don’t seem to get a mention these days. Is there something wrong with that label?

  14. Is anybody planning on getting the Sabbath?

  15. The vast majority of the Lampinski tapes I’ve heard are great! Can’t wait for a review on this one!

  16. RG, good call on the Sabs release. I’ve had the Cal Jam audio and video for a while, and the performance was incredible. I don’t know what’ll be on this release, but accompanying it with another 1974 recording of what should be great quality makes this very attractive indeed.

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