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At the end of January Tarantura will release LZ Riders In AZ.  This is a three disc set documenting the June 28th, 1972 show in Tucson, Arizona, from a good audience recording. 

The Brussels Affair ’73 which contains the multi-track soundboard recordings at Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium – October 17th, 1973 (1st & 2nd Show)

Opening, Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter, Happy, Tumbling Dice, Star Star, Dancing With Mr. D, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), Angie, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Midnight Rambler, Honky Tonk Women, All Down The Line, Rip This Joint, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man

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  1. So the next official download release is a properly mixed 81 Hampton PPV audio. Once again the Stones site only offers the U.S. the MP3 version so I am guessing it won’t be long before the no name label pirates the FLAC for this show as well.

    Wish they would release the PPV video of this show. As good as the bootlegs are it would be nice to have a clean copy from the broadcast masters

  2. I see your point kads but the cost of the bootleg silver discs will be 2- 3X the cost of the official downloads and the production runs will be tiny so I don’t see this hurting the bands bottom line much…they will see much more losss of revenue from illegal file sharing of the FLACs then they ever will from pirate copies the bootleggers create. Lets face it our hobby is dodgy to begin with.

  3. Soon there will be no cd’s anymore, then digital is all we’ll have left. At the end of this year many labels disband the CD format only SE’s now and then will be made available. So by then new albums that are only available as official downloads will be made available throught bootleggers? This is an official live release in the new day and age. So we are also going to buy and review pirate copies here Flashpoint, Still Life, Love You Live etc. ?

  4. All this righteous indignation misses the point. “Bootlegs” make available what is officially unavailable. The Stones Brussels show is available through download, not on silver disc (which is our preferred format). Since the Stones have no intention of doing that, others will oblige and provide us with what we want. I really don’t see the problem.

  5. Also got the FLAC on Google Music. I am a bootlegger and collector since 1983 but this is a shame! Official material being “bootlegged”………… :-(

  6. For whatever reason, the Brussels download on their webiste seems to be region coded as I couldn’t pay to download it in the US. It is on Google music for $4.99, so it’s even cheaper there than on the Stones’ website!

  7. The Stones Brussels might be a pirate but I could not even order the FLAC here in the U.S. and ended up getting it from a friend. It will be nice to have this on silver disc…I wanted to give the Stones my money but was not able to so now the bootleggers get it.

  8. Stones also released Brussels Affair as FLAC for a similar price….too bad bootleggers aren’t THAT original and simply release an official download on CD. So actually this is not a bootleg but a pirate!

  9. It’s nice to see Brussels Affair ’73 get a proper release on CD! I was disappointed when the Rolling Stones only released it on .mp3 so this will be the version I will buy.

  10. Right. “Piano Guy” went so far to say that he still has the extended encores for this show, which include rarities like “Your Time Is Gonna Come” I think. It’s been so long and I never paid too close attention to him.

    He also claims to have a tape of Zeppelin’s first US concert in Denver.

  11. Tarantura’s upcoming Zep release looks interesting because of this recording’s infamous history. The hated “Piano Guy” referenced here on T’s cover engaged in extensive written dialogue about hoarding his master tapees of this concert, and boasting about cheating others who sent him money in advance to buy the tapes that he never sent in return. All releases of this recording have been similar in quality, so it’ll be cool to see what Tarantur’s unearthed for this release of a great concert.

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