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news and new releases

Three new metal titles have just been released.  The Michael Schenker Group Live Into The Arena (Calm & Storm 014) has the August 12th, 1981 show at Budokan in Tokyo.

Whitesnake Sneaking Up On You (Shades 531) has the Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan show on April 15th, 1980. 

And finally Black Sabbath Unsung Memories:  Seventh Star Instrumental Demos (no label) is a one disc title with Seventh Star instrumental demos from 1985.  

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  1. Hey TexasJackson, Live Into the Arena is an AUD recording by Miracle Man.

  2. Does anyone know if the The Michael Schenker Group Live Into The Arena (Calm & Storm 014) is an audience recording? I am pretty sure that the date of August 12th, 1981 show at Budokan in Tokyo is the official release of One Night in Budokan. The official release One Night in Budokan is a great recording – so I wonder what is different about the Calm&Storm release.

  3. Thank’s for that not sure what to make of Truly Amazing/Perfect sound. Quite difficult to achieve with recording media of the day i would of thought. Who know’s what could be done with 2 polystyrene cups and a bit of string lol.

  4. Snakebyte – Sneaking Up On You is advertised as an audience source with Truly Amazing/Perfect sound (if that means anything to you).

  5. Can anyone tell me if the whitesnake release is a SB or Aud. I thank you.

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