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The Rolling Stones “…Sad Songs Is All I Know” Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, 15th July 1975

Tight Dresses And Tampax Live at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois, USA 8th July 1978

Whitesnake Linehunter (Shades 530) Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 14th April 1980

Black Sabbath Evilmania Live at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 18th November 1980

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  1. I second that, snakebyte, most definitely.

  2. Hi aleebee glad you got the whitesnake releases, Nice to know there is another snake fan on here as you say there would of only been 1 SB Tape made whatever the correct date is who care’s great band this lineup was truly acomplished great feel and drive. Hope there is more to come 80/81 era would be nice.

  3. As regards the length of Linehunter cf Simg For Me Tokyo 1980, it sounds like Linehunter switches to the same audience tape as Livehunter at the same point the tape ran out on Rock Me Baby on SFMT1980. I think in Mistreated it has also been used to patch the missing part during the tape-flip. Livehunter is so good the patching is not easy to hear, but it can be heard. Seems like SFMT80 was recorded on a C90 tape, as the cuts match the end of each side. After all, the band would only have recorded the one SB tape.

  4. I now have these and can only confirm what is posted above:
    LiNehunter (dated Apr 15) = LiVehunter (dated Apr 15) = Sing For Me Tokyo 1980 (dated Apr 14).

    and add that Sneaking Up On You (dated Apr 15) = Shakedown (Power Gate 2CDR, dated Apr 14).

    So, do we belive the earlier titles, or the later ones?

  5. Aleebee Linehunter is worth having as it is a more complete SB of the show, There is no cut in mistreated and we wish you well is added, It would appear sing for me has been edited for some reason i notice Mistreated is the last track on CD 1 of sing for me so had to edited to fit on CD 1?. The dinner after tokyo show track is quite funny to hear.

  6. I can now confirm Whitesnake Linehunter dated 14th april 80 is the same concert as sing for me tokyo dated 15th.The SQ of linehunter does sound brighter and has a bonus track so a well worth while purchase all the same.To sum up Sing for me,Livehunter,Linehunter all the same show.

  7. Aleebee both tiltes are excellent the SQ on both are clear well balanced you would not be disapointed with either. There is a whitesnake site called purpleboots run by a guy called joerg planer he seem’s to have some problem with the 14th and 15th show’s.

  8. Snakebyte, how do you rate the SQ of Sneaking Up On You? Have you heard LiVehunter? Thanks, Al

  9. Hmm. The plot thickens. Whitesnake ‘Shakedown’ (2CDR Power Gate 108) purports to be from April 14th 1980: it IS different to ‘Sing For Me Tokyo’, which claims to be the 15th. I have yet to get the new titles, so I’ll give my thoughts then…

  10. I have just got Whitesnake sneaking up on you a show from the 15th, Not the same as sing for me tokyo this is getting good now Hurcule Poirot eat your heart out. Aleebee i can say with some certainy sing for me and sneaking up on you are different show’s for sure.I would like Linehunter but i am sure it is the same as sing for me?.

  11. Help please whitesnake Linehunter 14th,Livehunter (aud of 14th). I have recently aquired Sing for me tokyo 15th here is the problem On sing for me tokyo DC makes the same comments in the same place as the 14th,Sing for me is a soundboard as is Linehunter.Are sing for me and Linehunter the same show.

  12. Thanks’s for that aleebee i love this period of whitesnake i am trying to collect as many silvers of this lineup as i can. Happy Collecting Keep Rocking.

  13. Hi snakebyte, ‘Just You n Me’ is one of the best Whitesnake boots out there, as you know. ‘Sing For Me Tokyo’ is nearly as good, if a little less ‘full.’ Both are definitely worth getting. With prices being what they are at present, I’m not sure I can justify getting the new release ‘Sneaking Up On You’ (aud), as I don’t see it displacing ‘Sing For Me Tokyo’ in my affections.

  14. aleebee Have you heard sing for me tokyo i have, Just you n me 12th april 80 just interested in how the show’s compare.

  15. Thanks a lot SnakeByte. It would be great if you can submit both reviews to be posted here.

  16. If you’re going to submit a review, send it to me and I’ll simply post it.

  17. That will be a pleasure i will leave a review if you like i can leave one also for livehunter if required just not sure how to go about it. Please advise be more than happy to contribute now i have more time. I love this period of whitesnake. Regards snakebyte

  18. I can easily recommend Dark Knight but I have not heard Evil Man so I can’t say. I don’t have any version of the actual soundboard/broadcast so I am tempted to pick up Evilmania as well.

  19. If it’s not asking too much, please, post here your thoughts on LineHunter once you get it.

  20. Thank’s for clearing that up a soundboard of that show will be a good purchase for sure, linehunter that’s quite clever. On the subject of livehunter it is from a front row recording, i was told it is a new source?.
    Good to see classic snakes coming out jon lord in full flow wonderfull stuff.

  21. Thanks wgpsec. Getting confusing now with the various releases of Sabbath’s Nov 16th and 18th shows. I take it, then, that you recommend ‘Dark Knight’ over ‘Evil Man’? I have the radio broadcast as the legendary vinyl LP ‘Nuclear Poisoner’, which featured a snippet of the DJ, and as part of Bondage’s 2CD ‘Hartford Evil,’ which edited out the DJ. I also have ‘Angel and Demon’ (Faith Records CD), which is undoubtedly SB as claimed. There is, then, the worry of buying straight dupes of what I already have – it’s become like bootleg collecting in the old days, only with increased prices!

  22. The Whitesnake 2CDR ‘Shakedown’ (Power Gate 108) is also an Aud recording from the Tokyo show on the 14th April. Does anyone know whether Calm and Storm’s ‘Livehunter’ is a copy of this, or from a different source?

    ‘Sing For Me Tokyo’ (Full Metal Jacket 0505001) is a SB of the following night’s show, so nice to see Shades ‘Linehunter’ appear.

  23. Black Sabbath’s Evilmania is also the third release of this show in the last couple months. Evil Man (Calm & Storm 004) is an audience source and Dark Knight (no label) was listed as a soundboard but is not. Dark Knight is however, one of the clearest and best audience recordings I have heard in a long time. Evilmania is supposed to be from the broadcast master including the DJ intro.

  24. From what I understand, Livehunter is an audience recording and Linehunter is advertised as a soundboard source. (hence the title Linehunter, from a line recording I am guessing?)

  25. Can anyone shed any light on the whitesnake cd as this show has just been covered (Livehunter,Calm and Storm). What is the significance of the title Linehunter humour?.

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