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News and new releases!

Led Zeppelin – Listen To This Eddie Remaster “Beauty And The Beast” (no label) is a triple disc from the Forum, Inglewood, CA on June 21st, 1977. Listed as “Complete Remixed Upgrade”.

Led Zeppelin – Stockholm 1969 (no label) is a single disc from Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden on March 14th, 1969. This contains both the “Soundboard Reel Master Pre-Broadcast FM Recording” (4 tracks) and the “Audience Recording 1st Generation Tape”.

Led Zeppelin – Denmark 15th March 1969 (no label) is a single disc featuring two shows from March 15th, 1969. The afternoon show was performed at Teen Clubs, Box 45, Egegaard Skole, Gladsaxe, Denmark while the evening segment comes from Brondby Pop-Club, Norregardsskolen, Brondby, Denmark.

Led Zeppelin – San Diego 1975 (no label) is a triple disc from the Sports Arena, San Diego, CA on March 10th, 1975.

Paul McCartney – Tokyo Dome 2017 3rd Night: Definitive Master (no label) is a triple disc from Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan on April 30th, 2017.

Pink Floyd – Rainbow Theatre 1972 1st Night: 1st Gen (Sigma 181) is a 2CD set from the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK on February 17th, 1972.

Kiss – New York Rehearsals 1976 (Zodiac 249) is a single disc soundboard that contains rehearsals from SIR Studios, New York, NY on November 11th, 1976 and is sourced from the “Reel Master from Aucoin Management collection”. This also features rehearsals from the Reading Armory, Camp Curtis Gill, Reading, MA on November 15th, 1976 and a few Eddie Kramer Demos.

Megadeth/Anthrax – Osaka 2017 (Zodiac 250) is a triple disc featuring both bands’ sets from Zepp Osaka Bayside, Osaka, Japan on May 17th, 2017.

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  1. I picked up Tour Over Bremen and thought it sounded pretty good. This is one of a few shows that had been missing from my collection so I didn’t have anything to compare it to though.

  2. I agree with zepster. I have a Wendy version of Eddie and the old Silver Rarities three single disc set from the early 90’s which is far superior to my ears than the newer ‘remastered’ Wendy edition. As for these Winston discs, I picked up five two and three disc shows for $50 in total. They are ok if you don’t want to download but don’t pay any more than $10 for them seeing as they are technically rip-offs as zepster says. I won’t be buying any more of them.

  3. In my opinion, Winston is again too hot, too much top, lacking low end and overall it’s still nothing to compare when listening to the pure raw low gen we got from great late millard. Moonchild is just a fuckin’ rip off of Winston’s freely available torrent, packaged in shitty artwork and selling as a boot. Avoid.

  4. Need the help of Zep collectors- What is the best/definitive version of the Listen To This Eddie show? Is any one version better than another? Any musts to avoid? Also, what other shows from the L.A. 77 stand are essential.All help appreciated.

    • Go for the vintage SIRA Listen To This Eddie Parts 1-3 or wait until some label will press a truly definitive version. Even the EV sets are too much tweaked in my humble opinion and most of the others (like Wendy for example) is just a waste of money and time. Ooh, try to get Listen To This Eddie Definitive Edition by the Jelly Roll label. But avoid that new crap – not only it’s a torrent rip without any further edits but also this version has been widely criticised because of wrong speed and heavy EQ. Like 99 percent of today’s Japanese crap.

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