News for April 3rd, 2008

Misterclaudel is going to release Oasis The Last Night In A Judo Arena 1988, a 2CD + DVD set with the February 20th, 1988 show in Tokyo.  Both audio and video are from professional sources.   

A lot of new releases are coming out today beginning with Pink Floyd Journey Through Time And Space Vol. 1.  This is a 12CD and 1DVD box set containing:  CD-1: Wolverhampton 1967, CD-2: Rome, Italy 1969, CD-3: various ocations 1966-1974, CD-4: Lund, Sweden, 1970, CD-5: idem, CD-6: Convention Hall, San Diego 1971, CD-7: idem, CD-8: Philadelphia Spectrum 1973, CD-9: Arts Center, NYC, 1973, CD-10: idem, CD-11: Nassau Coliseum, NYC, 1975, CD-12: idem, bonus DVD: Video Anthology. This box contains a 28 page booklet with the complete tracklistings. Lim. Numbered Ed.

John Lennon Journals Vol. 2:  1969-1974 is an 11CD and 2DVD box set with:  CD-1: The Singles A’s & B’s (1969-1971), CD-2: The Plastic Ono Band LP Sessions Prt. One, CD-3: idem Prt. Two, CD-4: idem Prt. Three, CD-5: idem Prt. Four, CD-6: Sometime In New York City Outtakes, CD-7: The Mind Games Sessions Prt. One, CD-8: idem Prt. Two, CD-9: The Walls & Bridges Sessions Prt. One, CD-10: idem Prt. Two, CD-11: A Tribute To John Lennon, DVD-1: Lennon – Arena, BBC2 Special, DVD-2: Give Peace A Song, Canadian TV Documentary. This box contains a 28 page booklet with the complete tracklistings. Lim. Numbered Ed. 11-CD+2-DVD Box new!

Joy Division collectors have two new titles out now.  Love, Fear, Isolation (JD1) contains unreleased studio recordings, and Love Fear Isolation (JD2) has unreleased live recordings.  Metallica Get Unplugged (PAP) has their set from the October 28th, 2008 Bridge School Benefit, and finally Pink Floyd Anything Can Happen (MELB) is a two disc set with the February 19th, 1988 Melbourne soundboard with bonus tracks from David Gilmour Unplugged in London in 2007.

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