News for February 26th, 2008

Three older reviews were posted on the site recently: 

Led Zeppelin Sweet Brummy Roll (Empress Valley), Led Zeppelin Live Adventure At Fillmore West (Wendy) and Pink Floyd Racial Violence (Siréne).  The can be found by typing the title name in quotation marks in the search engine.  Led Zeppelin Plant’s Influenza (Empress Valley) is listed as a new release today since this is a brand new re-evaluation.  It will be back dated to the time of its release since we’re attempting to present these titles in that order.

A new banner for this website has been posted on the links page.  If you are a webmaster, or if you know a webmaster who would like to be linked, please use that banner. 

And finally, there is a tremendous amoung of activity with new releases.  If you would like to submit a review, please contact us.  Sometimes we’re able to provide you with the title, and anything that we give you to review you can also keep.  So if you see a new release that interests you, drop us a note and if we can we’ll send it your way for review.  (Not all labels provide review copies though). 

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