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News & new releases

Rolling Stones - Miami Rehearsals 1994

The Rolling Stones – Miami Rehearsals 1994 (no label) is a single disc that features rehearsals at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida on November 24th, 1994 from a stereo soundboard. Guests include Sheryl Crow, Bo Diddley, and Robert Cray.

Mick Jagger - In Tokyo Dome

Mick Jagger – In Tokyo Dome is a no label pressed DVD that captures pro-shot footage of Mick and an all-star band live at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on March 22nd & 23rd, 1988. This also contains various bonus tracks.

Neil Young & CH - Electric Boston

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Electric Boston (no label) is a single disc from the Music Hall in Boston, MA on November 22nd, 1976. This is a stereo soundboard from the Late Show.

Neil Young & CH - Buffalo Campaigner

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Buffalo Campaigner (no label) has the stereo soundboard from the Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY show on February 16th, 1991. This is a double disc with bonus tracks from the soundcheck before the concert.

Ozzy - Live & Loud Vol. 1

Ozzy Osbourne – Live & Loud: Soundboard Masters Vol. 1 (Zodiac 035) is a 4CD set with two stereo soundboards from Coca-Cola Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia on August 5th, 1992 and Miami Arena, Miami, Florida on August 14th, 1992.

Ozzy - Live & Loud Vol. 2

Ozzy Osbourne – Live & Loud: Soundboard Masters Vol. 2 (Zodiac 036) is another 4CD set with two more stereo soundboards. These are from Orlando Arena in Orlando, Florida on August 16th, 1992 and Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio on August 20th, 1992.

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