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News, new releases, and gossip…

Pink Floyd Perfect End (Sigma 064) is a silver pressing of the Dan Lampinski show on June 27th, 1977 in Boston. 

Emerson, Lake & Powell Heading For Glory (Virtuoso 091/092) is a 2CD title containing the September 12th, 1986 Philadelphia show. 

Whitesnake Sherwood Legend (Langley Deluxe 011) contains the Royal Centre Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK from April 4th, 1984

And coming in January are three new HMC titles:

HMC 011 – Unforgettable – The McCartney Christmas Album (LP + CD)
HMC 012 – Christmas Album (LP + CD with 26 minutes of new Christmas outtakes)
HMC 013 – Get Back Continued (LP + CD with unreleased studio outtakes)

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