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Onslaught of new progressive rock band titles

Six new titles were released today featuring progressive rock bands.  The first is Pink Floyd The Unprocessed Chicago (Sigma 85) featuring the April 28th, 1972 Chicago show.  This utilizes the same tape use on Chicago 1972 (Siréne-032) but without remastering, and done for Collectors Music Review reader Charlie’s request. 

Knebworth 1975 New Master (Sigma 74) is a 2CD title with a new and improved sounding tape for the July 5th, 1975 Knebworth gig.  And, judging by the catalog number, was supposed to be released last year.    

Yes Progressive Pop Festival 1970 (Virtuoso 141) contains the Sporthalle, Koln, Germany set on April 3rd, 1970.  This has a new tape source compared to Every Little Thing (Highland HL 419).  But it is still a very short set, clocking in under a half hour, and bonus material would have been appreciated.  

Yes The Guardian Of Heaven (Virtuoso 142) contains the short soundboard from The Assembly Hall, Champaign, Illinois, on April 23rd, 1979.  Tracks from the Quebec City and Wembley radio broadcasts are used to fill out the disc.  

Genesis Man On The Hammersmith (Virtuoso 137/138) contains the September 29th, 1982 show at Hammersmith Odeon, London. 

 Emerson Lake & Palmer Abaddon’s Trilogy (Virtuoso 139/140) contains the newly surfaced tape of the March 22nd, 1972 show in Long Beach, California.  This is a different show than the famous The Lobster Quadrille which contains the July 28th show in the same venue.

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  1. A questions about the Genesis title: http://www.genesis-movement.org/ lists another boot being from the same date – the rehearsals for the reunion concert for charity on Oct 2nd. Is it possible that they reheased for that show in the same day of this concert?

  2. Hi Gerard ; about SIGMA reading your site ……”all things can pass”….!!!!!

  3. I think “Yes Progressive Pop Festival 1970” will be the best YES boot to be released in 2012. I already listened to the newly discovered tape. It sounds so much better than the old Highland release. Virtuoso uses the new Mastertape plus a remastered version of that Mastertape as bonus. This is a “must have” for YES collectors.

  4. Some interesting issues are raised in the comments. I’ve not heard the new Pink Floyd Knebworth tape, but I’ve been told it’s superior to the older tape found on Sigma 20. I should have a review of this (as well as the Chicago and the other three released last month) next week.

    DLee is correct. The new Knebworth tape is missing the first half. And, I was joking about Sigma listening to Charlie’s plea for a re-release of the show. I think it’s coincidence. I do not think Sigma read this site.

    And finally, there aren’t any plans to review the Stones Get Your Leeds Lungs Out on Goldplate at the current time. (Except perhaps if donations were to come in to cover the cost…)

  5. GSparaco wrote –

    > “done for Collectors Music Review reader Charlie’s request.”

    How did that happen? I’ve strongly suggested the release of the Floyd at Boeblingen, Germany 1972-11-15 show at least a few times in the past over the last few years, but apparently no label has ever seriously listened.

    Also, it’s important to note that the Floyd at Knebworth 1975-07-05 show has only DSotM (Disc 1) & the ‘Echoes’ encore (Disc 2).

    Also, is there going to be any review here posted for the recently-released Goldplate label’s 2CD version of the Stones “Get Your Leeds Lungs Out”?

  6. Can anyone tell what title was Sigma 76? Has it yet been released, albeit out of sequence, like Knebworth 1975 New Master?

  7. spinalcrackerbox

    For those interested in classic vinyl bootleg releases, I started a blog at


    It will focus on what’s actually on the records, comments are welcome.

  8. Definitely curious about both those Pink FLoyd releases … Anybody heard that Knebworth release? Is it worth getting?

  9. It´s an awesome recording…..Hats off
    SIGMA for this edition and thanks a lot Gerard for your great site!!!!

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