The latest Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin

The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin released today a six-disc set titled We’re Playing Our Balls Out which contains both audience sources of Los Angeles March 27th, 1975 show. The first source, recorded by late Mike Millard, was released most recently by Empress Valley Supreme Disc as a part of their huge box set titled Deep Throat and was spliced with an alternate, poorer sounding source to make a complete performance. TCOLZ consists of two entirely released sources, each without splices to provide the complete tapes without equalization.

Four Blocks In The Snow is another six-disc set which contains both excellent sounding audience sources of New York February 12th, 1975 show. The first source, immortalized mostly by The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin on their Can’t Take Your Evil Ways contains, for the first time, the complete “Moby Dick” without the cut in the middle. The second source, released in the past only by Electric Magic as That’s Alright New York was plagued by heavy equalization but on this new release the source is presented without any remastering.

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