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We’re revamping the website and we’d like your suggestions….

Since Collectors Music Review started in 2007 we have focused upon writing great, in-depth reviews of the latest unofficial releases.   We have close to 3,500 reviews and other posts on the site.  The writers try to offer comprehensive, insightful and entertaining articles.

We also know the layout has serious limitations.  Chief among them is the sloppy, alphabetized categories on the site.  We’ve been using an old version of WordPress and manipulating the categories would be an unending task.

Now we are discussing revamping the site to make it more presentable, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.  Please give us your ideas about the future direction of the site.  How would you like it to look?  What else can be provide? 

Write your comments below and we’ll take them into consideration.

And, in a related point, remember we can continue due to your donations.  Please consider feeding us with donations so we can provide up to date reviews on new releases. 

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  1. I’d also love to see a forum where us like minded collectors can share our new arrivals and collections in general – this was my first thought and appears to appeal to most. I guess though a forum needs a moderator or two particularly in murky waters of unofficial collecting.

  2. My point over trading wasn’t really to start swopping CDRs between each other but if you find you have two copies of a silver pressed disk on, say, Godfather while another collector has a spare Rover Records disk that you need for your collection then you can work something out from there – no money exchanged but we all still get to build our collections.

  3. ^^ agree with all of wgpsec. why say it again?

  4. I would like to see the left column fully alphabetized with every artist reviewed in the list. I also agree with johnbrownsbody that it would be great to have a menu of all the articles about a selected band available on a single page (if possible). Even if it means without the cover scans. This would certainly make it easier and quicker to find older reviews without scrolling through numerous pages. Also, a forum might be nice as we could all comment on titles that don’t have reviews posted.

  5. Yes, this is the BEST site of this nature on the web, and Im more than happy with things the way they are! Some great suggestions by others on this particular post. If I were to make improvements, I’d like to see a menu where all articles about a selected band are available on a single page; that way if you’re seeking a review posted at an unknown time ( say, three years ago ) you’ll have access in a heartbeat. Also I’d like to be able to access all reviews from a given author ( ” more articles by… “, as it were ). Is there another way to contribute financially to the site besides PayPal? I tend not to deal with them ’cause of all the spam I’ve received in their name ( not their fault I realize, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth ) Again, thanks to everyone involved for all the great work on the fabulous resource that is Collectors Music Reviews–especially you gsparaco!!

  6. Apart from the Search feature that could be a bit optimized, very good! Many many thanks

  7. Mr. Sparaco-
    This is a great site.I do like Stuart’s idea about a possible forum to discuss favorite releases and personal stories pertaining to our respective collections.
    I think a trading club would come in handy as well.Specifiacally, I have extensive silver collections of The Beatles , The Stones and The WHO.
    At times, I find myself in the delema regarding new releases and my wallet. There may be 3 new releases I want to have at the same time. One may be a slight upgrade of a silver title I already have. In some cases it might be handy to be able to trade for a copy of the upgrade with someone rather to pay full price again for the title thats already on my shelf. As long as the copy is made on high quality media like AMA(Mitsui cd-rs) ect.Just so the forum dosen’t turn into a torrent thing , I think this could work nicely being that I think we are like minded collectors where quality is concerned.

  8. I also like this site very much! Thanks a lot for all the love and time that is invested in this project. Maybe a personal best of list (10 titles or so) at the end of December with our favourite boots of the year would be great. I know there are other sites that are doing this, but as this site has no limited access, there would probably be more participation.
    A forum mentioned by chambau and classicrawker would also be a great idea.

  9. My suggestion: Keep up the good work. The site is great, and I enjoy it very much. Thanks.

  10. I’d like a biography of the reviewers on the site, linking the reviews ( Or at least latest reviews to the reviewer ) – telling the readers about first bootlegs bought, first experience of a bootleg & favorites, etc. I’m never happier than when I’m talking about myself, massive egotist that I am.
    The market place for selling used boots might be toeing the legal line – How about a swop club? Although this all depends on the boundaries of trust.

  11. Thanks for all your time and effort, Mr. Sparaco! I too look at the site every day and read old reviews just for fun, etc. I would agree with most of the suggestions especially classicrawker’s market place suggestion. Don’t know if you’re up for that but I’d love to see it.

  12. I agree with Chambau how about adding a forum where members can share information. The comment feature is nice and I have learned a lot from others comments but that information gets buried in the sea of reviews. Would be nice to have a place to exchange info that is searchable…

    Also possibly a market place where we can sell used discs we no longer want.

  13. This web site is great. For me, the BEST one!! My suggestions would be:

    1) Improve the SEACH feature;
    2) LEFT COLUMN fully alphabetized with more than 5 reviews;
    3) A feature for collectors ASKING QUESTIONS to other collectors. Today, if one question is not on the 5 reviews, one question might never be aswered because the asked collector never knows about it.

  14. Love the site! Visit it everyday – how sad is that, and always look forward to the new releases features. Would like to be able to search more easily for artists on specific labels such as just Springsteen on Godfather. Would also like to see the older reviews still being available to view – such as some of the earlier Godfather. otherwise keep up the good work.

  15. The left hand column of artists could do with being fully alphabetized and needs to include all artists. I have reviewed releases by Arcade Fire and Muse, though neither band appears on the list. I presume that this is due to the fact that there is space for only a limited number of entries.

  16. I very much like this excellent site just the way it is now, but what I’d most like to see are the “Recent Comments” section expanded from just the 5 most recent comments to as many more as reasonably possible – at least 8, hopefully, or 10 or more. Thanks in advance for any serious consideration of this.

  17. I’d love it if the search tool was a little more sophisticated. I’d like to be able to search for a phrase or group of words, but have the option to search only titles by a specified artist. So a search for “Who Fillmore” could find just Who titles, and not any review with both those words in it.

    It would also be great if you updated the excellent label discographies!

  18. 1st-THANK YOU for this site and Mor importantly your TIME. I use this everyday, Im not joking.

    Yes fix the left column, PLEASE. I personally don’t use the right at all (labels) except the 5 star rated releases. I would like to see that expanded. Maybe a 4 star rating column.
    Maybe a better system for looking up a bands past releases.

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