Coldplay – A New Life (Apocalypse Sound AS147)

A New Life  (Apocalypse Sound AS147)

Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands June 5, 2008
1. Violet Hill, 2. Clocks, 3. Lovers In Japan, 4. Sleep Chant, 5. Viva La Vida, 6. Fix You

BBC Television, Centre Car Park, London, England june 18, 2008
1. Violet Hill, 2. Clocks, 3. In My Place, 4. Viva La Vida, 5. 42, 6. Trouble, 7. Lost! 8. Yellow, 9. Fix You, 10. Lovers In Japan

MTV Movie Awards June 2, 2008
1. Viva La Vida

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross June 13, 2008
1. Violet Hill, 2. Viva La Vida

Viva La Apocalypse Sound!  This visual document of Coldplay in action is captivating.  The quality of thie footage contained on this DVD is about as good as it gets.  All of the footage does good to show exactly how exciting Coldplay are live.  Chris Martin is a perfect front man and performer and the overall musicianship of the band is top notch.  Hysteria os the only word that can describe the crowds on this DVD.

This DVD is packaged in the standard Tri-Fold Apocalypse Sound packaging with beautiful color pictures of the band.  The Viva La Vida video theme is also apparent throughout the packaging of this release.  I would consider this release to be the sister release to Godfather Records’ “The Night Over London” GR290.  The last two tracks on this DVD are also featured on “The Night Over London”.  Although it would be hard for me to watch this DVD while riding my moped I do recommend picking this up.  Apocalypse Sound has provided a Coldplay release to rejoice over.  Grab a copy while you can.

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