Iron Maiden – The Beast In Milan (Apocalypse Sound AS139)

The Beast In Milan (Apocalypse Sound AS139)

Tracks 1-13: Forum, Milan, Italy May 9th, 1993
Tracks 14-16: TV Ataca Studios, Argentina July 25th, 1992
Tracks 17-19: Abbey Road Studios, London, UK December 10th, 2006

1. The Number Of The Beast, 2. Prowler, 3. Transylvania, 4. Remember Tomorrow, 5. 2 Minutes To Midnight, 6. From Here To Eternity, 7. Waisting Love, 8. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter, 9. Afraid To Shoot Strangers, 10. The Clairvoyant, 11. Heaven Can Wait, 12. Run To The Hills, 13. Iron Maiden, 14. Be Quick Or Be Dead, 15. Waisting Love, 16. From Here To Eternity, 17. Intro, 18. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, 19. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Apocalypse Sound has released quite a rarity with this Iron Maiden Pro-Shot compilation.  The first set of footage is taken from Milan, Italy in May of 1993.  This concert was right before Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson left the band.  By the energy that he puts forth in this footage you would never know he was leaving.  The band is on fire and gives the audience their moneys worth.  There are some great camera angles used on Nicko McBrain which gives you the viewer a sense of being within his massive drumkit right along with him.  The overall clarity of this footage is VG+ with a bit of noise but is still very enjoyable to watch.

The July 25th, 1992 footage from Argentina features the band lip synching on a TV program.  The quality of this footage is perfect.  The Abbey Road footage features behind the scenes, interviews and live footage of the band.  Nicko gives insight as to why he’s the best looking in the band and why the others insist on him using a huge drumkit.  He says it’s so the others in the band will have a chance with the ladies.  This footage is excellent and the band tears through blistering versions of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns and Hallowed Be Thy Name.  The quality of this footage couldn’t get any better.  It rounds out this release and ends on a high note.

This release is packaged in a trifold cardboard case and features high quality photos of the individual band members as well as a few promo shots of them all together.  Apocalypse Sound has put together a very nice release that no Maiden collector should be without.  So in closing I say “Play It Loud & Up The Irons”!!!!

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  1. This DVD is a must for Maiden fans. When I received my copy I watched it 2 times back to back. I noticed from Dickinsons facial expressions and body language during the Milan show that something wasn’t right. If we have any members of this site that saw this show or know the scoop, please share the info.


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